‘Pretty Little Liars’ finale: Showrunner Marlene King says…

There are still mysteries.

(Warning: the following article contains huge spoilers. If you have not watched the episode in question just yet, run away as if you’re hiding from “A” themselves.)

We’ve had a little more time now to sit back and ponder over the season 2 finale of “Pretty Little Liars,” and at the moment we’re really in some ways we’ve come to accept the idea of Mona as “A.” Did showrunner Marlene King ever say that Janel Parrish’s character was going to following the same trajectory as the books in becoming the villain? No, but what really ended up happening here is that so many of us both in the media and fan world ended up reading into various comments from people on the show to the extent that the following conclusion was made — if the show is really supposed to be that much different than the books, then why would “A” be Mona here? What really may be the most frustrating thing for many is the feeling that we weren’t so much shocked, but were instead shown the answer under our noses for the entire run of the series.

However, there is still some good news coming up when it comes to some of you who feel downtrodden and are threatening to walk away from the show — just because Mona is “A” does not mean that the character is going to meet the same end. As a matter of fact, King tells Entertainment Weekly that we will be seeing plenty more of her moving forward:

“You haven’t seen the last of Mona. When I told Janel she was going to be ‘A,’ the next week I got a call from her manager because she knows that in the books Mona dies. Mona is ‘A,’ Mona goes off a cliff, and Mona is dead. So Janel was like, ‘Does this mean I’m dead?’ I’m like, ‘No, you will survive.’ So Mona is not dead because Mona is a beloved character in this show and she’s still a part of the show in season 3.”

King also added that the issue of who Jenna was talking with before the party — along with Mona’s visitor at the end of the episode — are both going to be issues discussed early next season. There’s also the issue of Maya’s death, which has somehow been overshadowed by all the craziness surrounding the “A” reveal. Trying to solve this mystery is going to be key to season 3’s story, and while this killer may not be directly connected to Alison’s murder (which Garrett is still behind bars for), you can never really say never with this show.

While the finale may have been in some ways a letdown, do you still feel as though there is enough good material to keep watching? While we were bummed about the “A” reveal from a surprise standpoint, we’re still looking forward to seeing what King and the writers cook up next.

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