‘Castle’ in review: The best ‘Dancing with the Stars’ tie-in ever?

Killing with the stars?

When it comes to “Castle,” we typically clump their episodes into two different groups — the fun standalone missions, and the stories that actually manage to take major leaps forward in the Castle / Beckett relationship.

This week for more of the former, but we have to say that we didn’t mind the lack of some Caskett progression when the overall story was this good. First and foremost, we loved the fact that Andrew W. Marlowe and his team was smart enough to capitalize on their “Dancing with the Stars” lead-in by airing an episode about a contestant on a ballroom dancing show with a secret double life.

The case itself played out just like every other “Castle” mystery has over the years — there were twists, turns, and ultimately someone with a past romantic connection to one of the victims ended up confesses. The only difference was this time around it happened in the context of ballroom dance. We also saw some solid Esposito moments, as well as Martha trying to keep her own dreams alive.

As for the sole Castle / Beckett scene that was anything outside of the norm, it was a quick one — but it also was thankfully charming at the same time to find out about Kate’s dream in college to become a successful judge. What happened along the way? That’s a mystery that we will simply have to wait until another day to find out.

Overall, we have to say that “Castle” may be one of the most consistent shows on TV at this point — you know what you are going to get from the show’s procedural element, and the surprises elsewhere draw you back for more every week. Even when there aren’t major revelations, there are at least moments ┬áthat make you smile and forget about most of your problems. Then, to make it even better, you have a wink-and-a-nudge gesture to give you hope that the lead couple will get together someday.

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: ABC

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