‘Pretty Little Liars’ finale shocker: Who is ‘A’? [Spoilers!]

The mystery is solved.

As much as we have enjoyed some of the other storylines on “Pretty Little Liars” over the years, let’s face it — the mystery of “A” has pretty much topped all the others. There have been clues throughout the show, and also plenty of red herrings –and now, we finally know the answer to what has been driving us crazy for weeks.

So who is “A”? Don’t ready on if you want to avoid spoilers.

“A” is … Mona! Yes, that’s right — it is the same exact character from the book series.

This episode began with the wild-goose chase for our villain, which began with a mysterious old hotel named The Lost Woods, otherwise known as the sort of place where you would assume all sorts of terrible things would occur. There was also a pretty distinct “Psycho” feel here thanks to Hanna taking part in the “PLL” version of the infamous shower scene.

Eventually, the only real evidence the group got out of this visit was that Alison (as Vivian) was at the hotel, and it was just one further step in her plot to take down “A” herself before they could cause any more trouble — at least at that moment. The girls arrived at the masquerade party with this knowledge, and then learned something else from Mona when it comes to how passionate (as Vivian) was with her pursuit. In putting the pieces together, Spencer realized that it was the room next to Alison’s — a possible “A” hideout — that was really the location of interest. As it turns out, this was a full born “A” lair!

Unfortunately for Spencer, she picked the wrong person to take to this hideout, and it was at this point the truth really started to come out and the woman behind the mask. The twist here? Even though Mona was revealed to “A,” she quickly found herself falling off a cliff. At this point in the episode, it was really a bit of a massive letdown considering all of the hype to find out that Mona was in fact behind this all along … but at least there was one major twist still in that Mona was still alive, and there are still other factions of “A” still out there to be hunted down.

On the romantic front this week, there was some good news both on the Aria / Ezra and the Spencer / Toby front, but tragedy struck again in the closing moments of the episode as Naya’s body was found and her disappearance was at least partially explained.

What did you think about this episode, and about the grand “A” reveal? Overall, it’s going to take us a while to digest this one since the “shocker” was hardly a shock at all, and despite how well-done this episode was it cannot substitute for the lack of surprise.

The only thing we are only hoping for at this point is that Mona was just a pawn in a larger puzzle, and that really “A” is still crawling around somewhere.

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