‘The Walking Dead’ finale: Death comes, a prison awaits

What did you think of the finale?

After weeks of anticipation (and occasionally some slow-moving segments), “The Walking Dead” came to a close Sunday night with an episode that somehow managed to top the tragic end of Shane and Randall in terms of excitement?

What happened? In terms of shockers, there were really four that we can talk about until we are blue in the face and on the way to becoming a zombie ourselves:

Death comes knocking – No, the death toll this week was not nearly as devastating as Shane or Randall, but it was still significant moving forward this season. Jimmy and Patricia are now both gone from the show, and they will be missed. Will we be tearing up about them in the weeks and months to come? Not as much as we did when it came to Shane.

The season 3 setting – We’re going to prison! For fans of the comic series, this makes sense — and it also is realistic from a zombie point of view. After all, what better place would you go to in order to take out walkers than a place with few entrances and plenty of ways to protect yourself?

Michonne! – While we don’t know who’s playing her at the moment, her arrival is still a major moment for the series — more so than even watching people bite the dust. There are few characters from the comics as beloved, and we love how the show chose to hype up season 3 in this episode while also closing season 2.

The whisper – To close things off, we finally learned this week just what Jenner whispered to Rick at the end of last season … and it’s something everyone probably would have liked to know already. Everyone is in fact already infected, which explains why some of these people are becoming walkers so soon after they are killed off.

What did you think about the finale? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

Photo: AMC

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