‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Who wants to see Lou Ferrigno dance?

Lou was in charge.

After last week’s double-elimination fiasco on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” there was really one question we had going into this episode — would Lou Ferrigno actually step up to the plate as Project Manager? At the end of this episode, one team was going to (literally) mop the floor with the other in creating a viral video about a mop — a topic that past “Apprentice” contestants (see the use of little people for detergent with Jesse James) have failed at in the past.

Since Lou (who was desperate to prove himself) was the PM for the guys, we also saw someone in Tia step up after being in the shadows for most of the competition.

The guys: Lou does … good?

It was as much of a surprise to us as anyone, but we actually liked what Lou brought to the table here. He danced, he was energetic, and he really made a smart move by having himself play against type in the commercial by making him into a “Mr. Mom” sort of figure.

However, Lou’s performance did not mean that some of his fellow team members were going to avoid going for the jugular — in particular, Clay Aiken had to step in to stop a rather harsh and condescending Penn Jillette from setting himself up to do well in the boardroom by preparing to throw Lou under the bus. While we supported Clay at first with this, we actually thought he was a little condescending to Penn later by more or less laughing in his face when the man tried to explain why he operates the way he does.

As for the video itself, we actually thought it was rather funny — the commercial had plenty of content about the product, and it also incorporated plenty of humor that people would actually search for online.

The women: Aubrey’s complaining session

We have learned one thing when it comes to Aubrey O’Day on this season — if she’s involved, she is creative and a great asset. If she’s not involved, though, she becomes pretty much a supervillain. Ego took over during a good percentage of this task, and it ended up becoming a team of three people doing things, and everyone else sitting around.

At one point, tensions became so intense to the extent that Lisa Lampanelli starting throwing fire all over the room when it came to everyone wanting to be front and center on the commercial. Everyone did have a role in the commercial, which was more or less a play on the classic “what’s your number?” line when it comes to how many people you have been with. The difference? These people are talking about how many mops you have owned, and with this new mop you never need to own another one.

Overall, this commercial was merely okay — a bit more like a viral video than the other spot, but it wasn’t as funny and the product was barely a part of it.

The boardroom

It really didn’t take much time at all for the gloves to come off in the boardroom here. For the women, Dayana Mendoza was quickly singled out as the weak link for the women, while the guys took turns jumping at Paul Teutul Sr. for doing very little in this task and Penn for his behavior.

We’re not going to spend too much time fighting about what the men brought in terms of drama, though, mostly due to the fact that the guys clearly won this challenge and it wasn’t really close. With this, the fighting and finger-pointing really began. While we saw everyone from Lisa to Teresa Giudice (who was quieter this week than she has probably been in her whole life) get thrown under the bus, we really have to say that there were only two ways that this firing could have gone:

-Tia, since she was the Project Manager, and the entire idea of the commercial came from her.

-Dayana, because she never really contributes to anything and seemingly only has Patricia Velasquez in her corner at this point.

First, we have to say that Aubrey pretty much made us barf by saying that she wants to be a part of Donald Trump’s family, and then she made up barf again by listening to her talk about how arrogant she is. Can we just fire her instead? She’s certainly effective, but she’s also insufferable.

At the end of the day, though, Trump made what was really the only decision he could make and fire Tia — mostly because she said that it was her responsibility that the team lost. The irony? We actually think that Dayana would have gone instead had Tia actually fought it out rather than fallen on her own sword.┬áThen again, we now have a sinking suspicion that Tia may have just wanted to get out of this screaming match sooner rather than later.

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