‘The Amazing Race 20’: Did Mark & Bopper survive Bavaria?

You have to love yodeling!

Last week on “The Amazing Race,” we kicked things off with what was ultimately a dire tragedy — seeing our beloved “Team Kentucky” Mark & Booper come in last place, and be handed a sentence of having to complete a Speed Bump that none of the other teams were saddled with.

Thankfully, at least this task was hilarious! Who doesn’t want to see these two guys yodel! The two made pretty quick time at picking up the tradition in Bavaria, and then also picked a detour that suited them perfectly in building a gingerbread house rather than trying to style some guy’s massive beard. (Yes, these sorts of beards are not just sported by people on fantasy shows.)

Unfortunately, doing well at a detour does not equal doing well at everything else, as we saw this week courtesy of them (and multiple other teams) getting lost and going to the wrong castle that was apparently the inspiration for “Sleeping Beauty.” This mistake ending up costing them, and stuck them firmly in last place.

Thankfully, there was still a reprieve for the boys — a curling (a Travelocity-sponsored) roadblock that caused them to leap over two other teams to sixth place. Welcome back on the “Race,” Kentucky!

As for some of the other teams, here’s who stood out (and strangely, Brendon & Rachel were actually quiet this week on their way to fifth place).

Danny & Joey “Fitness” – Finally, we thought we had found a task that suited “Team ‘Jersey Shore'” — hair styling! Despite picking a rather enormous beard for their Detour, the two boys thought that they would be able to tackle that without too much of a problem.

However, they really had more of a problem with this challenge than anyone else on the entire leg — though thanks to them arriving at the challenge before most of the other teams, they were still able to finish up their “hair design” before some of the other teams, and later finish in second place.

Art & AJ – Can there be a more obvious winner at this point? Despite not being the most likable team at all teams, we gained a good bit of respect for these two after giving some of their reward to Mark & Bopper last leek.

These two yet again dominated the leg, and we have to wonder — could they really continue to dominate in such a capacity! As last season taught us, though, placing in first for multiple legs does not guarantee anything.

Vanessa & Ralph – We personally found this fight very entertaining for one real reason — these two complained about hiking up to the “Sleeping Beauty castle” following the detour, but there was a carriage that they could haven taken just a few fight away.

This clearly was the fight of the week, mostly because we don’t know why Mr. Passive-Aggressive in Ralph thought it would be a good idea to throw Vanessa’s jacket at her. The two did manage to put their bickering on hold, though, and finished third.

Kerri & Stacy – Despite beating Nary & Jamie out of the curling challenge, you still have to find a way to make it to the Pit Stop. Some mistakes (including going to the wrong castle early) caused them some trouble, but their biggest error was messing up their directions on their way to checking themselves in.

Ultimately, we have to say we saw this coming — after all, the two were pretty much invisible on the show until this week.

What did you think of this episode, and are you happy Mark & Bopper stuck around?

Photo: CBS

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