‘Once Upon a Time’: When worlds collide — and visions play tricks

White doesn’t always mean purity…

One week after focusing nearly its entire episode on Red Riding Hood, “Once Upon a Time” this week took a left turn and went back to one of the show’s key characters — Snow White. The shocker? Ginnifer Goodwin’s character is quite as pure as we have come to expect in the fairy tales.

During this week’s fairytale storyline, the plot revolved around Snow’s attempts to murder the Evil Queen as a way of seeking revenge for what was done to her family. Not only did this bring out a darker side of the character, but we also have to applaud the show for bringing back some familiar characters for this episode — including Grumpy, who we are still hoping will hook up with Amy Acker’s fairy by the time this show is over.

So what was it that ended up stopping Snow’s red-hot rage? You really have to credit the devotion of Prince Charming, who did everything from seek out Rumpelstiltskin to get himself shot with an arrow to prove that he was the person that Snow drank a potion to forget. Eventually, the realization that Charming would die for her was enough to jog her memory, but their reconciliation was soon interrupted by a capture courtesy of the royal guards of King George.

While all of this was going on, Emma was finally starting to find more of a connection between this world and Storybrooke. Our lead gumshoe was hot on the trail of Kathryn’s disappearance, and Henry used Regina’s set of keys to prove that she had access to every apartment within her quaint Maine community. What better way to prove how evil she is than to have a set of keys? You can probably see what we’re getting at here — this is not exactly proof, though it is a step in the right direction.

Nonetheless, there were some other distinct parallels between the two worlds here, from Mr. Gold helping out Mary Margaret (using the same exact words that he did as Rumpelstiltskin) to of course the most glaring one of all — David having a memory that he thought was of Mary Margaret about to kill Kathryn, when it was in reality Snow White talking about the Evil Queen. It’s far to say that Mary was none too pleased about these accusations coming in her direction, and she dismissed her “true love” from her company.

The lucky thing for Mary Margaret is that she did manage to find an escape route in her cell courtesy of a key, and Emma decided to finally seek out help in clearing in her name from an unlikely source — Mr. Gold.

Ultimately, this was a solid episode of the show that really did not have as many shockers as we have seen in the past. Why? It really felt more like a stepping stone from one big episode to the next. After all, the final revelation of hair / DNA as the main ingredient in a love potion by Rumpelstiltskin was far from surprising. After all, we all saw Mary Margaret’s escape coming — as ridiculous a move as it was.

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