‘The Walking Dead’ season finale preview: Who will survive?

The finale airs Sunday night.

If there is one thing that the past few episodes of “The Walking Dead” have taught us, it’s that no one is really safe. Following the deaths of Shane and Randall last week, the real theme for the finale seems to be one thing — Hershel’s farm is far from safe, and the remaining survivors have to find a way to escape.

The previews for Sunday night’s season 2 finale (which are clumped together into the video below) really give you a sense of the sort of chaos that is going to erupt, and we also have the classic image of Hershel proclaiming that he is going to go down with his farm. How long is anyone going to really survive? It’s hard to say, especially since the implications surrounding both Randall and Shane becoming Walkers suggest that everyone in the entire farm may already be infected. Executive producer Glen Mazzara has already confirmed that there will be more bloodshed — and while we are still of the belief that Rick will se the light of day, it’s hard to know for sure with everyone else.

Just one final note for all “TWD” fans out there — stay tuned after the show, as “Talking Dead” is going to air immediately following the finale. Will there be some news about season 3 shared? It’s already been confirmed as such. (Is anyone else as excited as we are to see the show’s interpretation of The Governor?)

What are you expecting to see go down in the finale, and are you (like us) thinking that some more ratings records will be broken for AMC? Here’s a fun bit of trivia — this past week, the new episode of “Dead” posted higher numbers than any other scripted drama on television in the 18-49 demographic — including networks.

Photo: AMC

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