Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries continue battle over annulment

The battle wages on.

Mrs. Carter: Are Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian ever going to work out the end of their relationship? Based on what we’re hearing now, these two couple be fighting over their divorce, annulment, or whatever else they want to call it for a long time.

For those who haven’t been up to speed as of late, here’s a recap — Kris has been hoping to seek an annulment over his 72-day marriage to the reality TV superstar, mostly due to his staunch Catholic beliefs that do not make him want to go through a lengthy divorce. However, the issue here is that he wants Kim to claim that she committed fraud by having a wedding for publicity, and that she was never really interested in being married. Of course, it would go against Kim’s wishes pertaining to her image to go along with this. (Meaning: she’ll never do it.)

Now, TMZ is reporting that Kim is willing to annul the marriage, but only under the condition that Kris admits fraud by saying that he wanted to live with her in California, when in reality his intentions were to take Kim with him to live in Minnesota. This was an issue of great contention during this past season of “Korutney and Kim Take New York,” and Kris wanted to settle down and start a family somewhere a bit quieter than where the cameras are constantly flashing.

Will Kris ever going along with this? Like Kim, we doubt it. Neither party wants to take a publicity hit by going along with an annulment under these conditions, but Humphries is likely to keep fighting for one regardless. What’s the real verdict?┬áIf the battle between these two sides continues at this rate, we could still be dealing with this by the time Kim’s show is called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians at a Nursing Home.”

How long do you think this drama is ultimately going to last?

Photo: Glenn Francis

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