NBC renews ‘Grimm,’ proves that DVR ratings do matter

Thank the DVR!

When you are a diehard fan of a low-rated show, you constantly try to think of some reasons why it could still be renewed despite the low numbers there. We’ve ultimately heard every excuse in the book, from a poor timeslot to a bad lead-in to the show being popular on Twitter or with a demographic outside of the 18-49 group that is typically the most important one for advertisers.

However, we may have just found some proof that one popular excuse for renewal is hardly irrelevant at all — that a good many people watch on their DVRs. Despite being on the low end of the scripted average when it comes to first-day viewing, NBC has (as first reported by TVLine) decided to give “Grimm” the green light for a second season. In the last live+7 ratings (which include DVR numbers for the full week) for the week of February 20, “Grimm” added a total of 87% of its original 18-49 audience to finish with a 2.8 rating. this is the largest percentage increase of any show on network TV, and this final rating is higher than such network staples as “Parenthood,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Law & Order: SVU.”

The fact that DVR ratings helped this show so much could give some hope to fans of other on-the-bubble shows as “Fringe” and “Alcatraz,” who each also gained over 65% of their audience after the fact. Are they as likely to be renewed, though? Probably not, mostly due to the ratings of other shows on Fox being so high (versus a struggling NBC). With that being said, though, the end of “House” and “Terra Nova” — coupled with the inconsistency of “The Finder” — means that we wouldn’t be surprised to see one of these shows come back. For those of you thinking that we could be seeing more of both “Fringe” and “Alcatraz,” you’re being overly optimistic.

What do you think the renewal of “Grimm” really means?

Photo: NBC

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