‘Survivor: One World’ preview: Colton vs. Christina — plus a stretcher

Christina need another lifeline.

We’ve had a string of pretty strong episodes on “Survivor: One World” thus far, and the good news is that this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down next week.

Christina vs. Colton … and Alicia – Poor Christina. No matter where she goes, she just can’t seem to make any friends. She started out this season by clashing with many of the women, and it looks like she is going to be keeping that up … and she’s also not going to develop many relationships with the men.

Colton starts out this preview below by more or less telling Christina to go jump in the fire, and it doesn’t get any easier for her when Alicia starts fighting with her over some space in the shelter. It’s safe to say that she is #1 on the chopping block, at least so long as someone makes a trip to tribal council.

Is Jonas in trouble? – In what is one of the vaguer parts of the preview, it appears as though Jonas is being accused of trying to work with the women. (Wait, didn’t he just call himself Colton’s “b–ch” last week?)

We don’t really fault the guy for wanting to keep his options open, but he has to be realistic here. There’s a man with an idol on his tribe in Colton, and he has yet to make a single move to actually demonstrate that he has any sort of strategic clout at all. At the same time, the women are scrambling, and accusing him of being shady is one way to get ahead.

The evacuation – No matter what the fights are that unfold this week, none of it may matter when it comes to tribal council. For the second time this season, we have some sort of injury.

The intrepid Dr. Ramona arrives in what looks to be the Manono camp, and she tells Jeff Probst that it is far “too risky” to not have stay on the island without being checked out. Is this person being eliminated from the show? That’s to be seen, and we do have a fair guess as to who the injured party could be. (Hint: it could be the only person on Manono not featured in either this preview or the one after Wednesday’s episode).

The one thing that is most interesting of all here is that there is not a single second of footage featuring Salani. Is this tribe really that boring? It’s either that or the editors know that we are going to be seeing plenty more of them later — after all, they are by far the better tribe on paper than the trainwreck known as Manono.

Who do you think is getting some medical attention?

Photo: CBS

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