‘The Amazing Race 20’ preview: Curling and product placement galore!

Let’s hope you love gnomes.

We understand that shows like “The Amazing Race” make a great deal of money off of their in-show advertisements, and this is really one of the reasons why the show has been able to stay on the air for 20 seasons.

While last week’s Ford-oriented task was a bit more over-the-top, at least on Sunday night the show is bringing back a random in-show ad that we find both ridiculous as well as ridiculously entertaining — the Travelocity gnomes! This week, teams will be seen sliding them along some sort of curling rink, which really doesn’t seem like the natural habitat at all for these creatures. (Then again, this is probably why this is funny.)

Outside of a mild argument via Vanessa & Ralph, the promo below really does not show off much in the way off conflict. (In other words, Brendon & Rachel are not screaming at each other.) Then again, this also makes us concerned that Mark & Bopper are so far behind that all of the other teams are feeling too safe to really start fighting at all. (The good news? We will get to see the southern boys yodel this week!)

This entire leg looks to be in Germany, and we can pretty much guarantee that there will be an elimination round coming up for whoever fails to master the art of gnome-flinging fast enough.

Are you excited to see this episode, and do you find the frequent use of in-show product placement terrible, or a necessarily evil to keeping the show on the air? As always, check back Sunday night for a full review of the episode as a whole!

Photo: CBS

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