‘How I Met Your Mother’ preview: Is Barney in big trouble?

Is Quinn still playing him?

It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve seen a new “How I Met Your Mother,” but the good news is that the show is going to be back on Monday night — and it’s not going to take long before we run into some comedy.

Unfortunately, it appears that most of it is going to be coming at Barney’s expense. For the first time in pretty much his entire history of playing women, he is going to fail to realize when one (in Becki Newton’s Quinn) is going to have him completely and totally wrapped around her finger. Is it Karma? No, I think most diehard fans of the show already know where Karma is (rim shot) … but it is somehow strange that we end up feeling so sorry for Barney when he has led so many women on in the past.

What’s going to make this entire situation all the more interesting Monday is that Ted and Robin are not going to be as keen to actually help the guy out as they probably would be under most circumstances. Why? They’re each looking for new apartments, and Barney and Quinn are considering moving in together. (Cue the apartment wars!)

It’s unclear what sort of storylines are going to be happening in this episode away from Barney, but producers are making it very clear that Quinn’s not someone that we are supposed to root for when it comes to her being the mystery bride from the future. (Can’t it just be Robin? Please?)

What do you think it is going to take for Barney to realize how much trouble his new girlfriend is?

Photo: CBS

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