‘Jersey Shore’ finale: Is the end here for Snooki and the gang?

Life will never be the same for Snooki.

After five seasons, “Jersey Shore” as we know is now over. Thursday night’s end to season 5 was in many ways awkward, mostly because it was akin to being in on a secret none of the cast members were privy to at the time. Thanks to Snooki’s pregnancy, it’s unlikely that she will ever be a resident in Seaside Heights again — she may make some visits from time to time, but that’s it. There’s also the issue of the declining ratings this season, and the entire sentiment that the show really just needs a drastic shake-up in order to make things exciting again. Ronnie, Sammi, and Jwoww all contributed very little to the story this time around, and as much as we like them seeing their faces isn’t enough entertainment on its own.

With all of this being said, at least season 5 went out on a higher note than some of the other episodes we’ve seen as of late. There was no tease of drama coming (see The Situation and Snooki) with no payoff, and we also had some pretty funny moments involving pranks — and in the case of the ladies, failed pranks with the girls.

What we were surprised with, though, was how sad we ended up feeling towards the end of the hour. For a show that we’ve been so cynical about over the years, this has become a sort of TV safe haven to get away from the world — and while the show will be back, it’s surely not going to be the same as it once was. We don’t know who will be back, where the cast will be filming, or just how the current group will react to Snooki’s pregnancy and her realization that she can’t just run around and party anymore. It was almost appropriate for her to be the last one to leave the house, though it then turned awkward when she assured us she would be back to stay there again “next summer.”

The best thing we do now is to say our sort of goodbyes to the “Shore” as we know it. Thank you, Ronnie and Sammi, for creating so much drama for the first three seasons that you kept things interesting. Thanks Snooki and Deena, for the “Team Meatball” parties that produced the best unintentional comedy ever seen on this form of reality TV. Most importantly, thank you Situation for attempting to actually make seasons 4 and 5 interesting since everyone else was too keen on just being friends and causing no problems at all.

How are you going to remember season 5?

Photo: MTV

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