‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What happened to Cristina and Owen?

Is love everywhere?

When you deal with sickness and death on such a regular basis, it’s understandable that you want your mind to wander especially … especially to matters of the heart. Romance played a major theme on Thursday night’s “Grey’s Anatomy,”

As many fans know, though, this is not a show chock full of happy endings all the time. Some of the characters below seemed to really have struggles more than others:

Cristina – The good news? Summer Glau’s character Emily is not having an affair with Owen. The bad news? Cristina was so paranoid about the state of her relationship with her other half that she ended up making something almost entirely in her head.

The even worse news? At the very end of the episode, Owen revealed that he has cheated on Cristina with someone, but we just don’t know who.

Jackson – He thought for at least the early portion of the episode that his mother was attempting to try and set him up with one of her interns, when in reality she was serving as a spy for his mother. The irony? by the end of the episode, they ended up getting together, anyway!

Derek and Meredith – By the end of the episode, Derek finally realized that he could not have his wife back in neuro, even though he wanted her close to him. The problem? She couldn’t function in that environment, and they needed some distance in order to make the relationship work.

Webber – We’ve been captivated seeing the story of Webber and Adele over the past several weeks, and this week there ended up being another interesting development in the story. Richard was debating a key question — even if there was only some light flirtation here between him and another woman, should he really be acting in flirtatious situations at the moment?

Alex – Did Alex finally get together with Morgan? Not completely, but things seem to at least going in that direction now, and he is opening up to the idea of being set up by some of his co-workers.

Which story did you find the most interesting this week?

Photo: ABC

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