‘American Idol’ top 11 results: Who’s going on the tour?

Is someone going home with Jermaine?

Would “American Idol” actually send home a contestant after what happened last week? That was a little bit unclear going into Thursday night’s elimination episode. If the show followed its natural chronology, there was really no way for the show to send two people home this week unless there was a non-elimination later (as in the judges’ save).

No matter what the devious plans were that Nigel Lythgoe was hiding from the public, the show was definitely waiting for as long as humanly possible before actually telling us who was in the bottom two.

Just as Seacrest would do, though, we’re going to first highlight the live performances before focusing on the actual results.

The performances

Demi Lovato, “Give Your Heart a Break” – While a part of us wished she would have come out and performed the incredible “Skyscraper” (even if it’s not her current single), this was still a strong performance by a young woman who has come a long way from where she was the last time she performed on the show two years ago.

We loved the vocal runs, the enthusiasm, and even the subtle tribute to Guns N’ Roses. Hats off, Demi!

Daughtry, “Outta My Head” – It’s harder to judge a song when you haven’t heard it many times, and this was the case here. Therefore, all we can say is that we really enjoyed seeing the rocker back on the show stage.

The safe singers

Joshua Ledet – Considering that he blew the minds of just about every “Idol” critic in America with his “When a Man Loves a Woman,” this really wasn’t too much of a surprise to anyone.

Phillip Phillips – America loves Phillip, and his story about kidney surgery earned him a sympathy vote — though he didn’t really need it.

Skylar Laine – Just loves America loves Phillip, they also love country.

Colton Dixon – Worst tease ever, Ryan Seacrest! Colton’s not going anywhere for a while.

Jessica Sanchez – Yes, she wasn’t her best Wednesday night, but the momentum from her Whitney Houston performance should end up keeping her safe for a while.

DeAndre Brackensick – Everyone loves DeAndre’s hair, and they also dig his falsetto — even though his take on “Endless Love” put us to sleep, the voting public did not agree.

Hollie Cavanagh – She went last on the show. No surprise here.

Heejun Han – We really ended up enjoying Heejun on the show last night — unfortunately, we thought that we were the only person who did enjoy it following the negative reviews. Thankfully, we were proven wrong!

The bottom three

3. Elise Testone – Should Elise have been in the bottom three? Probably not, but we said that we could see it coming last night. Elise just needs to do something to make herself appealing to America, but there are some Haley Reinhart vibes here and a breakout performance could keep her around for some time.

2. Erika Van Pelt – We blame the drummer who messed up on her break during “Heaven” — along with the same problems getting votes that Elise is suffering from.

1. Shannon Magrane – In a surprise turn of events, Shannon actually sent someone home, and it was a young lady that we originally thought would go far in this competition? Unfortunately, Shannon just fell victim to the “ballad curse,” and never really being able to show the same energy live that she did during Hollywood Week.

What do you think about Shannon’s elimination, and the fact that two people ended up going home this week once you include Jermaine Jones?

Photo: Fox


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