‘America’s Next Top Model’: Louise Watts joins ranks of reality TV walk-offs

Louise left with a bang.

The other thing more entertaining sometimes than reality TV is someone who chooses to completely demolish the medium before our eyes, and that is exactly what British contestant Louise Watts decided to do on Wednesday night’s episode of “America’s Next Top Model” — which, for those of you who haven’t seen this season (which may be quite a few based on the ratings), is focusing on a theme of American models facing off against “Britain’s Next Top Model” vets.

We’re going to take an unusual route when looking at this situation, and tell the story backwards. While at panel during Wednesday night’s episode, Louise took major issue with show judge (and PR mogul) Kelly Cutrone bashing her for having a bad attitude at the most recent photo shoot, and Louise responded by saying the same exact thing back. Tyra Banks tried to intervene with her typical sort of “respect your elders” banter towards Louise, but she wasn’t having any of it. Instead, she literally stormed off the set, walked by some sort of white truck that hardly seems fitting for a show that features Tyra giving all of the contestants ridiculous superhero names, and abruptly decided to quit the show over what she felt was some unfair treatment.

What may be even more interesting about this particular meltdown is that we in a way sympathize for Louise more than we would most contestants in her situation. She was a part of a challenge that forced the girls to team up and appoint leaders, and unfortunately for Watts her leader in Annaliese Dayes was about as inspiring as a pile of firewood. Thanks to this, Louise had to scramble to get everything together for both her and the other girls at the shoot — and when Cutrone (who was on set) saw this, she proceeded to follow her around berating her for acting unprofessionally. Is it not always the best idea to look flustered on set? Sure, but as long as you get the job done we don’t see it as a terrible thing.

Cutrone wasn’t done there, though, as she went on to criticize Louise for a myriad of other issues for the shoot, from her prop use to her getting quiet in an attempt to not lose her temper over everything that was going on. While we weren’t on set (and it’s certainly possible that Kelly was this nasty to everyone), it almost felt as though Louise did receive the worst of everything from the judge even when things were not always her fault.

At the end of the day — and while we understand some of her anger — it’s still incredibly ridiculous of Louise to walk away from the show and the opportunities it brings. Will she ever regret quitting? Maybe if her ego ever lets her to — but the irony here is that she wouldn’t have been the one to leave if she had stuck around. Her photos were actually pretty good.

Do you think Louise was justified in being as angry as she was, or do you think that her attitude was the problem more so than anything Kelly was saying? (You can see the video below courtesy of TooFab.)

Photo: The CW

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