‘Survivor: One World’: The rise of Kimzan

Kim’s clearly the one to beat.

It’s strangely ironic in a way — despite having two people desperate to be compared to Tarzan on “Survivor: One World,” the one person who is really taking over this game has no gimmicks, no ridiculous nickname, and is a queen rather than a king.

As if the picture to the left didn’t give it away, her name is Kim Spradlin. Can we start calling her Kimzan? It only seems appropriate and far less of a self-parody.

The winners

Kim – There’s no question at this point that Kim is the frontrunner to win this game, which makes us from a vanity perspective happy that we picked her before the show started. She’s not only smart, but she’s also competitive and doing a great job at sorting out her alliances.

There were really two incredibly intelligent things that Kim did during this episode. First, she made herself a side alliance with Troyzan and Jay in the event that her all-girl pact with Sabrina, Chelsea, and Kat falls through (which it might down the road, since they will know she’s a serious threat). This is a strategy similar to what the Brigade did so effectively on “Big Brother 12,” and it ensures that she could be safe no matter what.

Of course, it also helps that Kim found the other hidden immunity idol, and teamed up with Chelsea in a way that resembles what JT and Stephen did on “Tocantins.” If these two make it to the end, we only hope that someone recognizes Kim for how she is subtly taking over this game. She has two alliances, no enemies, and has an ace in the hole in the event that someone ever targets her.

Colton – You could say that Colton is also a Tarzan in this game, but the problem is there’s no way in a million years that he would get the votes to win at the end of the game. Unlike Kim, he doesn’t come across as trustworthy and he also is ridiculously lazy around camp.

We will still the guy credit, though, for his amazing ability to get people to blindly follow him for no good reason. Take for instance this week, where he managed to get Alicia to follow up without that much of a second thought. Unless the two tribes merge at 12, it’s possible that Alicia could end up getting voted out after Christina if this terrible Manono tribe continues to lose challenges.

Leif – Thanks to the tribal swap, Leif has himself in a much better shape. He’s no longer #1 on the chopping block, and next to Jonas and Colton there may be no one safer on his tribe at the moment.

The big issue for Leif, however, is going to be after the merge. He’s already proven himself to be a bit shady, and that’s a tough reputation to shake in this game.

Jay and Troyzan – It’s hard to really distinguish the two from each other this week, mostly because they are both playing a similar game. However, hats off for the guys for trying to create some sort of alliance with Kim (even if she is likely to back out of it when the chips fall).

The other good thing for these two is that if Salani ever does actually have to go to tribal council (which doesn’t seem likely in a million years at the moment), they won’t be the first ones to go home.

Chelsea – She really didn’t do much herself, but the fact that she is a¬†physical¬†threat and also knows about Kim’s idol is valuable. These two could end up running the show for a long, long time.

He’s not the king of this jungle…

The losers

Tarzan – Sure, Tarzan seems to have the numbers on his side for the time being … but how long is that going to last? He’s easily the oldest person on a tribe that is already weak, and this episode showed that he has a target on his back because of it.

With that being said, we loved Tarzan this week since he wasn’t being nearly as anti-women and calling them “cheaters.” Instead, he had the brilliant line that “the game is afoot.”

Alicia – So what’s different from what Jay and Troyzan are doing to what Alicia did in this episode? Jay and Troyzan could have been on the chopping block and they made a move; meanwhile, Alicia wasn’t on the chopping block and she made a move that really is going to get her nowhere on the totem pole.

What Alicia really needs to do is figure out that Colton is running the show, and find an alliance that can both eliminate him and move her further in the game.

Michael – He may not realize it, but Michael is the odd man out on the Salani tribe. They really don’t need his physical prowess first and foremost (which apparently includes throwing Leif around like a rag doll in the ocean), and the guys on the tribe don’t trust him.

If Salani goes to tribal anytime soon, he is the first person gone. No question — at least for now.

Christina – Christina may go further in this game than anyone expects, and it may be simply due to nobody liking her. Not being a threat is what saved her this week, and it’s saved her at other tribal councils in the past.

Granted, Christina’s luck will probably be out if Manono loses again, and she probably knows it based on what happened here.

Monica – While Colton’s doing a good job manipulating people, this move to oust Monica made no sense. Why get rid of a woman who is physically strong, and also not tied to a major alliance? Alicia could be dangerous again when she reunites with her past alliance, whereas Monica really had no foothold anywhere.

Nonetheless, Manono lost a strong player this week, and someone who actually had an optimistic spirit. What does Monica think about all this? We’ll ask her in our interview call later in the day.

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