‘Once Upon a Time’ preview: Crimes and their many questions

This Snow White’s not exactly pure.

So was Mary Margaret really involved in Kathryn’s disappearance on “Once Upon a Time“? We’re all smart enough to know that this was probably some trickery on the part of the Evil Queen. The real question at the moment is just what led to this evidence being planted, and we are likely to start to find out some clues in “Heart of Darkness” Sunday night.

Unfortunately for Snow, she’s going to have to side with a rather reckless ally from the get-go — Mr. Gold, who will be serving as her attorney as she attempts to figure out how to clear her name. Let’s just hope that she is not going to have to ask for any “favors” in order to make it happen…

As for life in the fairy-tale world, Mary Margaret’s counterpart Snow White is actually going to be thinking about committing a major crime in assassinating the Queen. While we’re not sure what exactly her motivation is for it just yet (outside of the Queen being evil and such), but Prince Charming is going to try and convince her out of it since this is not the sort of act that she is going to be able to get away with.

If nothing else, this story may go a long wait in explaining one of the key questions for the series in why the Queen and Snow White hate each other so much — and with Regina in Storybrooke having the knowledge about their past, she is certainly trying to take her down in whatever way possible without revealing her intentions to anyone else.

What do you think we are going to find out during this episode?

Photo: ABC

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