‘Grey’s Anatomy’ preview: All eyes on Cristina, Owen, and Summer Glau?

What is Owen up to?

Grey’s Anatomy” is returning with a new episode on Thursday night, and there’s one word we can use immediately to describe the relationship status at the moment of Cristina and Owen: icy (and that is putting it mildly).

Following the tension that we saw with the last new episode between these two, things are only going to become worse as Cristina starts to believe that her other half is cheating on her with Summer Glau’s character. While the network is (of course) not going to give away any of the major answers in their sneak peek videos, this first clip shows just how bad it is for the two when it comes to this woman even being around Owen.

Thankfully, not everyone at Seattle Grace is going to be so gloomy. For Callie and Arizona, they are going to get the opportunity to gossip about Alex and his new intern Morgan — who is clearly into him, even if he wants to try and deny it at every chance he can.

After everything that Callie went through last year, we’re rather happy to see this cheerful side of her — even if the second video of the two regarding this plot (a conversation between her and Alex about Morgan) does not end up putting as much of a smile on her face.

In one of the other more lighthearted scenes during the evening, Dr. Webber is going to be showcasing a bladder that is the product of stem-cell research. Way to make the show current!

Unfortunately, not everything for Dr. Webber is going to be so drama-free. In what is likely going to be seen as one of the most controversial moments of the episode, he agrees to spend some time with a woman who is clearly interested in him … and she just so happens to not be Adele.

Is it hard for Richard to be with someone who doesn’t always remember him? It has to be, but in making this move he is opening an ethical can of worms that could create all sorts of problems for him. (Based on what we’re seeing, Dr. Bailey agrees.)

Check back Thursday night for a full review of “One Step Too Far” (which is surely an ominous title, to stay the least). Do you think that Owen is cheating, and what do you think about what Webber is currently up to?

Photo: ABC

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