‘The Amazing Race,’ ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ ‘NCIS,’ many more renewed by CBS

We’re staying in Hawaii.

We can best refer to what happened Wednesday as a mass-renewal of sorts for CBS. Rather than the network drawing out the announcement of what shows are going to be back for another season, the network instead decided to make a rather giant announcement all at once and put us out of our misery.

We’re going to group the announcement based on some of the show’s we’re surprised to see back — and some of them that are pretty much no-brainers.

(Note: “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and “Survivor” were already renewed for another season.)

The givens

“NCIS” – It’s the most-watched scripted show on TV. Everyone saw this coming.

“NCIS: Los Angeles” – It’s the second-most-watched drama on TV. Everyone saw this coming, too.

“Person of Interest” – It’s become the most-watched new show on TV. “Once Upon a Time,” eat your heart out. (Considering that the Evil Queen is on this show, she may very well.)

“2 Broke Girls” – It’s both the highest-rated and most-watched new comedy — even if “New Girl” gets more press.

“Criminal Minds” – Thomas Gibson’s future is always in question, but the show is a ratings monster.

“Hawaii Five-0” – It’s the most-watched drama on Monday nights. Enough said.

The shows that were close to a sure thing

“The Mentalist” – It’s possible the show may be moved to Fridays next year, mostly because it’s strong enough to handle it.

“Mike & Molly” – It’s the lowest-rated comedy on the network Monday nights, but it also features Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy. CBS loves the pedigree!

“The Amazing Race” – Part of us wondered whether season 20 would be the end, but the show still draws solid numbers no matter what day and time it airs.

“Blue Bloods” – Yes, it is the most-watched show on Friday nights, but it also skews older than just about any other show on TV.

We’re surprised that decisions have already been made

“The Good Wife” – Critics love it, but with ratings dropping on Sunday we think this renewal had more to do with pushing the show to syndication that anything else. Next season, it will cross the 88 episodes needed to repeat elsewhere.

“Undercover Boss” – It’s done well on Fridays, but it’s only been airing there for a few weeks. Is it a little early to be so confident? On the flip side, the show is pretty cheap to make.

As for the shows the network is still making a decision on, “CSI: NY” and “CSI: Miami” could be last-minute decisions along with “Rules of Engagement,” while “Unforgettable,” “Rob,” and “A Gifted Man” are both likely to be canceled at the end of the season.

Just in case you are wondering about “Two and a Half Men,” CBS wants it back — but it will all depend on negotiations with Ashton Kutcher and Warner Bros., the studio that produces the show.

Photo: CBS

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