Jermaine Jones – ‘American Idol’ fallout; Twitter gone, more rumors

Jermaine’s not so happy now…

The fallout from Jermaine Jones getting kicked off “American Idol” Thursday is still starting to unravel before our eyes, and there is quite a bit of information for us to get to here when it comes to what may be the show’s biggest scandal since Corey Clark.

First things first, we should start things off by saying that while producers are trying to paint this as a dramatic situation to get ratings, they’re just as aware as anyone that the Jones scandal is not a good thing — it’s a disaster. It’s a failure by producers when it comes to checking out someone’s background completely and totally before putting them on the show, and it’s also a failure when it comes to putting contestants in a situation where they are having to live with someone with a dark secret of violent crimes. Producers are now going to have to explain on live television that the “gentle giant” they have presented is not so gentle, and that kids watching at home shouldn’t look up to someone who failed to tell the full truth on his shady past. (This entire scandal was really sparked by Jermaine also fabricating stories about his relationship with his father.)

According to TMZ, Jones’ past is even more complicated than we even knew about at first. He has given a false name to police on two occasions, and he has had at least four outstanding warrants against him at the time of various arrests. On the show’s set, he was also reportedly rude to various staff members — and even screamed at one point at an employee over his wardrobe.

So what is the show really going to about this? They’ve already taken the first step and removed Jermaine’s official Twitter page from the internet — an unusual move since contestants who are eliminated are allowed to keep their accounts online more often than not. At this moment, videos featuring Jermaine on the show are still a part of the official YouTube page.

One of the other real issues here is how producers are going to handle the Thursday results show. After all, no one is going to watch a show if nobody is confirmed to be going home. Our guess? That the judges are going to be given an additional save, this way they will be able to keep a contestant around for another week without having to try and bring somebody else in at the last minute. Jeremy Rosado has already said that he hasn’t heard anything about potentially coming back into the competition, and it seems unlikely that they would randomly plug in someone from the top 24 with such short notice. (Sorry, Hallie Day and Jen Hirsh fans.)

Overall, our real hope here is that the producers take a clear stand against what Jermaine did on the show Wednesday, but they do not dwell on it for so long that they end up having it be a distraction for anyone else. The remaining top 11 still deserve their moment in the Sun, and the young viewers out there deserve the opportunity to watch people they can look up to rather than someone who tricked his way onto live television.

Photo: Fox

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