‘Real Housewives of Orange County’: Gretchen Rossi’s shouting match

Here comes the drama!

Last week, we wrote effectively that Gretchen Rossi was stealing the show on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” and even this week she found herself yet again the center of attention.

So what Gretchen really the focus for matters of her own doing? Only if you consider “of her own doing” to be dating a man (in Slade Smiley) who publicly trashed some of her co-stars during a comedy routine. The 1980’s party was the focus for pretty much the entire first half of this episode, and it culminated in one of the biggest screaming matches we have ever seen on this show.

So should Vicki Gunvalson be upset for some of the things that Slade said about her at the comedy show? Sure, especially since we wouldn’t be too thrilled either to have our appearance mocked for the sake of other people getting a laugh. At the same time, though, why confront him at a public event? Gretchen made a good point in saying that no one knows what she and Slade talked about in prviate, so it’s really not fair to have their relationship judged.

Things really started to get intense once Vicki blasted Slade for judging her appearance, and her argument back was that she’s never really commented on how he’s looked. Suffice it to say, Gretchen didn’t appreciate these sort of comments coming out since Vicki has made all sorts of comments about Slade being a “deadbeat dad” — even if this is not any sort of cosmetic insult. Commence the shouting! Gretchen calls Vicki out for dating a man in Brooks who has faced similar accusations in the past (even though he is caught out now), and the two ended up yelling such lengthy stream of insults and allegations that the rest of the ladies didn’t know what to do with themselves. (The only thing more stunning than this fight were some of the zebra pants worn at this party.)

The next day, Gretchen’s voice was sore — and it’s no surprise why. This was one of the few fights on this show where we understood the passion and anger behind it, even though we’re not entirely sure how it helped anyone — after all, did Vicki really get anything out of this? Tamra Barney regretted ever inviting Slade in the first place, while we’re pretty sure Heather Dubrow wished she was at her ridiculously lavish mansion instead.

There were other moments in this episode — including Alexis Bellino freaking out over getting cosmetic surgery on her nose (presumably for medical reasons to fix a deviated septum) – that were interesting, and we at least give the producers credit for giving us a taste of what she is going through. At the end of the day, though, we stand by what we said last week — without what is going on with Gretchen and Slade, we’re not sure where this season or the show as a whole would be. We’re sure that the fallout from the comedy routine is not over yet, and we merely hope now that the arguments will at least happen next in a venue where one of the instigators in the drama isn’t a man wearing a costume with a mullet.

Who are you siding with in the fight between Gretchen and Vicki?

Photo: Bravo

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