‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Paul Teutul Sr., Donald Trump talk Michael Andretti

Paul witnessed everything go down.

On Sunday night’s episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” we watched the men’s team slowly descend into chaos. After the group lost a task pitching the all-new Buick Verano to car enthusiasts, Project Manager Adam Carolla’s attempt to fall on his own sword ended up leading to Donald Trump deciding to fire both the comedian and another person — in this case racing legend Michael Andretti, who the Buick executives thought could have done so much more with their product. However, most of the men’s team wanted Lou Ferrigno out for his constant complaining in the boardroom, and Trump’s decision has led to one of the angriest reactions from show fans yet.

On Tuesday, we luckily had a chance to get a bit more insight about this situation courtesy of two people who were more than a little bit involved — team member Paul Teutul Sr. and the man himself in Mr. Trump.

Cartermatt.com – Paul, you were around for the entire task with Adam. Do you think that your team really did a better job, and do you think that Michael really did an adequate job?

Paul Teutul Sr. – That’s a tough question — there’s a lot of controversy over that. I think a lot of people saw [Michael’s firing] as being unfair.

To answer the question, it’s like yes and no. Should he have been the [task] manager? Yes, he should have, but to me it’s like if I’m in a store buying a Buick, and Michael Andretti is in the store and says ‘that’s the car to buy,’ then that’s the car I’m buying.

Donald, was the decision to fire Michael and keep Lou one of the tougher ones you’ve made this season? The Buick executives seemed to want to much more from him.

They did, and I wanted more out of Michael — but Michael’s a great guy and he really proved his mettle when he drove. But that’s his strength — he drove really well. Of course, if he didn’t we have a major story, right Paul? (Paul laughs.)

But he really should have been the head of the team, and he really should have taken more control of the team. I think we made the right decision, but Michael is an absolutely great guy.

After hearing all this, what do you think about everything that went down over the course of Sunday’s episode?

Photo: NBC


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