‘The Voice’ battle rounds: More reasons to love Kim Yarbrough

The battles continue!

With its second “battle rounds” this season, the good people behind “The Voice” chose to throw a good many solid performers into the span of one week. Is this the point in the competition where things are getting a bit repetitive? To an extent, but thankfully there are some fun gems thrown in here — primarily the banter between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton along with Cee Lo Green doing his best impression of The Claw from “Inspector Gadget” and awkwardly talking to his cat.

Sera Hill vs. Geoff McBride (Christina Aguilera) – Let this be a lesson to all future contestants on this show — if you sing with Christina on stage during the audition, you get to on to the next round! In reality, this was actually one of the closer duels we have seen, and while we think that Geoff actually showed some better vocal prowess, Sera is someone who can probably go further in this competition

Remember, it’s not all about the voice anymore — it’s also about if you can appeal to the voting public. Winner: Sera

Charlotte Sometimes vs. Lex Land (Blake Shelton) – It’s the battle of the shy against the loud! Charlotte chose to blame her boisterous behavior due to being from New Jersey — which we are apparently learning from reality TV is an excuse to act as crazy as you want.

When it comes to personality, it was pretty apparently just from the way that Lex carried herself in a way that was not going to advance far in this competition. Not only is she too quiet, but Charlotte (issues away from the stage aside) is a far better singer. Lex missed a few notes in this “Pumped Up Kicks,” even if we were nonetheless still entertained more than just about any other battle so far. Winner: Charlotte

The battle raged.

Juliet Simms vs. Sarah Golden (Cee Lo Green) – From the get-go, we have to say that Juliet had the advantage in the Rod Stewart song choice. However, we were impressed that Sara actually decided to stay with her country roots rather than just try and conform to what Juliet was going to be doing on stage.

What did this mash-up end up looking like on stage? We had someone dressed fairly comfortably in Sara who sang like she was comfortable, while Juliet strutted on stage wearing some sort of hippie pirate resembled that screamed “Bret Michaels fan” more than it did performer. We would have picked Sara … but what do we know? Cee Lo loves rocker pirates. Winner: Juliet

Kim Yarbrough vs. Whitney Myer (Adam Levine) – Adam’s a tricky fellow! He put two singers up against each other that did not have many similarities, and Whitney pretty much spent the entire preparation period talking about how afraid she was to be up against someone who has several decades of music experience more than her.

Vocally, this arrangement really didn’t work out that well, and we actually think that at times Whitney tried way too hard to overshadow someone who was completely in touch with what she was doing. There’s just something about Kim — whether it’s her powerful voice or her incredible spirit — that makes us want to see her go as far as she can in this competition. Winner: Kim

Lindsey Pavao vs. Lee Koch (Christina Aguilera) – We still can’t over the fact that Lee is a baker and he pronounces his last name “Koch.” Since we aren’t going to be able to mention it the rest of the season, why not bring it up here?

From the moment Lindsey started gushing all over Nirvana when “Heart-Shaped Box” came up as her song choice, we knew that Lee was going to be in trouble. This performance was one of the stranger things that we have ever seen, mostly because it was two singers with quirky voices trying to find a way to simultaneously adapt a song and make it their own. As we predicted, though, the cook is now kaput. Winner: Lindsey

Jamie Lono vs. Jamar Rogers (Cee Lo Green) – Why, Cee Lo, why? Why put two of our favorites up against each other? Jamie’s confidence came into play almost immediately during this challenge, as did Jamar’s ability to draw from his emotions to perform “I Want To Know What Love Is.”

Both Jamie and Jamar were actually good friends going into this battle, and we hope that they still are. After all, Jamar could use yet another supporter, right? The guy was quite frankly breathtaking, and with this performance he made every coach on the show regret not turning their chair around for him. Winner: Jamar, though Jamie’s tears at the end pretty near made us cry along with him.

What did you think about the advancing acts this week, and who do you think currently is the most likely to win this whole competition? Feel free to vote in the poll below as well as share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Photo: NBC

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