‘Pretty Little Liars’ review: The agony of the dolls

Be afraid.

Is anyone going to have nightmares following Monday night’s “Pretty Little Liars” episode? We are certainly feeling as though these dolls are going to stay in our head for quite some time.

In the midst of some creepy scenes that the show has done over time — including one that featured Hanna and Caleb out in a boat earlier this season — the one featuring Hanna, Spencer, and Emily in the doll hospital has to be ranked among the creepiest. After all, who wants a voodoo version of a dead girl warning them that they will be next?¬†Unfortunately¬†for “A,” this warning did not exactly push the Liars away — instead, they decided to try and take their battle to the police sooner rather than later.

Of course, the police were involved in this episode in a rather unusual way — they had to arrest one of their own. Those of you who thought that Jenna and Officer Garrett were working together may have had another thing coming when they saw the once-blind teenager (who is still pretending to be) giving some rather incriminating evidence concerning Alison’s autopsy report to the police. Is this enough proof that Garrett is the killer? We’re still not sold, but it is going to make for a more interesting dynamic.

Ironically, at the moment neither Jenna nor Garrett seem to even be who the Liars are suspecting as “A” as much as Spencer’s own sister Melissa. Why her now? There are really so many reasons, whether it be her reaction to Spencer wanting to show the police the phone video of her in Alison’s home to the set-up that the girls orchestrated where they made Caleb pretend that he was cheating on Hanna with Mona. (Then again, this is still not exactly proof of anything.) Then again, there’s also the fact that she was kissing on Garrett just before he was getting carted away to the big house.

With Melissa thus serving as the biggest “A” suspect for the time being, there is one other major moment in this episode that we have to talk about — the possible departure of Ezra. He lost his job thanks in part to Byron, and now he is planning to travel back to where his parents live in order to find a new means of employment. How is he going to stay together with Aria? We don’t know, but we certainly hope that they don’t get Aria pregnant as a way to get the two together. (In terms of storytelling, that just seems to be the easy way out — we’re much more interested in watching a challenge than the road traveled a million times before.)

While not every episode in season 2 has been a winner, we have to say that Monday night’s episode was rather stellar. There was major movement in every story, and the stage has now been set for the finale next week. There are some serious candidates for “A” … but it wouldn’t be this show without some surprises, right?

Who do you think is “A” based on this episode?

Photo: ABC Family

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