‘The Bachelor’ season finale: Lindzi Cox … or Courtney Robertson?

Ben’s made his choice.

(Warning: If you have been one of the few people this season actually lucky enough to avoid spoilers concerning Ben Flajnik’s love life — you probably don’t want to read this without turning on your TV first.)

When Chris Harrison teased that this was going to be “the most controversial finale of ‘The Bachelor‘ ever,” he pretty much gave the kit and caboodle away before the episode even started. Why didn’t the producers just edit out Lindzi Cox at the beginning of the episode and save us some time? Her winning, after all, would be as controversial as someone hugging a puppy.

We’ve always found the final two-hour “Bachelor” episodes to be some of the most bloated out of anything on TV, and the knowledge that Ben was inevitably going to choose Courtney Robertson made it almost excruciating to sit around and watch the whole proceedings. After all, there really weren’t any entertaining moments here a la Jamie developing split personalities, Kacie B. talking about her dream to grow old with Ben and take him grocery shopping, or people dressing up in silly costumes and firing off insults left and right.

What did we see instead? Constant gushing about how “in love” everyone was, Ben’s mother and sister signing off on both ladies, dates that really didn’t amount to anything outside of Courtney giving him a scrapbook, and Ben looking at shiny engagement rings with the same guy who he spent some time with last season only for it to more or less blow up in his face.

Before we get to the proposal, let’s look at what these two ladies ended up bringing to the table in Zermatt, Switzerland (otherwise known as the city that people like to use for bogus celebrity death rumors).

Lindzi – She was open and engaging to Ben’s family, and one of the best things about her was that she once again didn’t cause any drama. However, that didn’t mean that she shied away from telling Ben’s family the truth about Courtney when they asked … even if she did do it in a nice way.

Courtney – Yes, Courtney was far nicer during this episode than she was for most of the season, and there is a part of us who thinks that she was just trying to initiate humor (albeit in an incredibly awkward way) by insulting most of the other women in the confessional room. However, nothing really excuses that she said some of the things that she did. If she lacks this much self-awareness on the show, how will she be in the real world.

We knew this was coming.

Since pretty much everyone knew that Courtney was going to be “the one,” we’re not going to talk so much about the (sarcasm) moment of surprise at the end of the episode. At first, we thought that producers were at least going to change things up and allow Courtney to go first … but no. They did the same exact thing as always and sent Lindzi out for her rejection first.

There is one thing that does seriously irk us about the way in which Lindzi left, though — that she told Ben to “call her” if things didn’t work out. While Jason Mesnick did change his mind later, this sort of comment just comes across poorly. That is the one thing that we did like about Ben on Ashley Hebert’s season — he didn’t take any of her sugarcoating, hopped on his tiny little farewell boat, and was gone in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, Ben and Courtney of course had their moment of joy and elation — while most of America was searching for their barf bags. We did really enjoy this exchange, though:

Ben: You’re my forever!

Courtney: (laughs uncontrollably)

Is it possible that that these two end up getting married? Sure, and we’ve always been one to say not to judge. We’ll just have to see where the two are at during the “After the Final Rose” special. (Check back to our main page at 11:00 p.m. EST for our impressions!)

What did you think about this finale, and do you think that Ben made anywhere near the right decision in regards to Courtney? Feel free to take our poll and share your thoughts in the comment box below! We are going to have more from the show soon courtesy of the “After the Final Rose” special.

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