‘Game of Thrones’ trailer: Love comes with a price (video)

Are you ready?

You can’t get enough of new footage of “Game of Thrones” … right? Let’s hope so, based on the new trailer that HBO has just released from the show.

Unlike some of the other trailers that we have seen, the focus here is actually more on the presence of romance rather than violence in Westeros — but just about everything comes at a price. Dany learned back during season 1 that love can often mean great loss, and it is something that many members of the Stark family are going to have to ponder in this coming season. Even Tyrion to an extent may be subject to some of these feelings, even though his definition of “love” by be different than the purest form of the word.

More than anything else, chaos seems to really be the theme going into season 2 rather than romance. From King Joffrey’s thirst for power to the arrival of Stannis, the expectations that many carry of these people are not going to necessarily be met. For some characters (especially Joffrey), the throne is really the only lover they need.

Season 2 officially kicks off on April 1 — and if the show ends up living up to all the hype in some of these trailers, we are going to be in for a treat.

Photo: HBO

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