‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Drama for Kim Zolciak, everyone else

Some things never change.

We’ve been lamenting the amount of serious drama on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for some time — and while Sunday night’s new episode is not necessarily the saving grace of the series, it did at least provide a sense of conflict for at least four of the series’ lead women in some form or another. Out of the remaining two, at least we got to see Phaedra Parks try to embalm a pretend body.

Here’s what happened when it comes to the aforementioned four ladies this week:

Kim Zolciak – For Kim, the debate here was whether or not she could make the tough decision and fire her assistant Sweetie, who really doesn’t do nearly as much as Kim wants her to do. On this occasion, it was not helping the expanding family sort out their garage. Will she go through with any plan to get rid of her? That’s another question, and while this plot was interesting it is a little tiring seeing Kim be so perpetually isolated from the rest of the cast.

NeNe Leakes – We’re almost getting tired of what NeNe is going through with her son Bryson. Why? We’ve seen just about all of it before out of her. This time around, NeNe and Bryson’s father Gregg got together to talk about how to handle his recent arrest, and it led to her telling the young man that he had to get a job and move out of the house. Wait … haven’t we heard this one before? As much as we admired NeNe’s tough love last week following the arrest, this felt more like a broken record.

Cynthia Bailey –┬áThis is where things really started to get interesting. Cynthia’s husband Peter decided to throw her a one-year anniversary party, but over the course of the entire night he kept finding subtle ways to bring himself up while undermining his sister-in-law Malorie — to the point where he didn’t want her in the arrival car and he demeaned her publicly during the speech.

To sum this up, Cynthia is now forced to deal damage control for a man who is not always very easy to defend.

Sheree Whitfield – Finally, we turn to the drama surrounding Sheree, who on the way over to Cynthia’s party decided to spill the means to her gay friend Lawrence that Marlo Hampton supposedly called him an offensive term during this South Africa trip, and this led to an all-out battle by NeNe’s pal to defend herself — despite her failure to really recognize everything that she said on camera over the weeks prior.

The best way we can sum this episode up? Cynthia did not have a peaceful party, and NeNe and Kim have some big decisions to make about some people rather close to them.

Photo: Bravo

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