‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Donald Trump’s worst boardroom ever

Really, Trump?

It only took us about ten minutes on “The Celebrity Apprentice” for us to miss George Takei, and it left a void that the snark of Adam Carolla could not fill. This task was all about cars, and it led to Donald Trump spending nearly the entirety of the two hours complaining the Michael Andretti was not the Project Manager. (More on the most ridiculous boardroom session ever later.)

So what exactly was this task that so required Michael’s attention? Trying to produce a presentation for the all-new Buick Verano (or Verona, according to Aubrey O’Day) that was entertaining as well as fitting to the company’s brand. Adam Carolla (rather than Michael) was the PM for the guys, while Debbie Gibson took the reigns for the women.

Then men — let’s make it funny!

It didn’t take long for Adam to end up being at odds with some of his other team members, mostly because he wanted to make the presentation contain a good deal of humor. However, the executives really didn’t want that much in the way of laughs included the presentation, making some sort of comparison to a Bud Light-like spot you would see during a football game. Nevertheless, the man soldiered on and created a presentation that was all really about how Adam (as the host) was challenging some of the points brought out by hecklers (who were his teammates) — which led to Penn Jillete literally lock himself in the car’s trunk. Michael was up there with him answering questions, which was nice if not altogether exciting. (Considering that Michael’s personality is as excited as a pile of wood, though, we’re not sure how much more he could have done.)

You see, there is a rather big dilemma when it comes to Adam and this task. Did he do a great job? Sure, if the presentation was for an edgier product. But Buick is a conservative brand, and they weren’t looking to see Paul Teutul Sr. dissing the guy in front of an audiene of car enthusiasts.

The women — let’s make Debbie sing!

From the way in which the show edited the presentation, it seemed like the women were in trouble from the get-go. Debbie didn’t have much organization of the entire group, and she almost immediately forgot about Teresa Giudice and Tia Carrere as though they were Tiffany groupies on the street.

There were actually a number of issues that we had with the women’s presentation this week, but they weren’t necessarily things that the Buick executives put as much stock in as using humor when they are told not to:

1. Debbie Gibson referring to herself as “the Debbie Gibson”

2. Aubrey O’Day making up a tragic story about a car accident for sympathy during the show

3. The fact that Tia was wandering around aimlessly for the vast majority of her time on stage

Overall, we thought this presentation was good — but far from spectacular.

The boardroom — wait … what?

We have been saying for quite some time that Donald Trump was desperate to fire Michael Andretti at all costs, mostly because he may be the most boring contestant we have ever seen on this show. However, even we didn’t think that it was going to come quite like this.

The guys thought that they won this task without hesitation, so when they lost Adam was admittedly quick to fall on his own sword because he realized that he was one of the major reasons why the ship sank. Was he great as a leader? Sure, but he didn’t deliver what the executives wanted.

However, in refusing to bring someone with him into the boardroom Trump decided that he was going to fire another person in addition to Adam … which then led to him railing against Michael for not stepping up as PM, even though he really did everything he was asked to do in the task. Michael’s not a performer, and really was on stage for so much of the presentation it was like he was in charge of it anyway. Who is going to be that entertaining next to Adam? For the first time since Gene Simmons lost his Kodak challenge back in season one, we really think the executives got it wrong here. It seemed as though they were sticking their noses up simply because Michael didn’t come out, drop his name a million times, and scream “I love Buick” at the top of his lungs.

Then, Trump firing Michaelfor not having enough of a presence was equally ridiculous. Lou Ferrigno has consistently been a problem child on the men’s team, but Trump has consistently defended him in saying that he’s not being given a chance. If Lou’s complaints about being underutilized where new, we would agree. The problem? This is the fourth straight week we have heard something like this from him, and he’s quickly becoming the Gary Busey of this season in that he’s being kept around over better players despite the team members trying to send him home.

All in all, we have to say that this may be one of the worst boardrooms we have ever seen on this show. We don’t know why (outside of ratings) that Trump made the move he did, and he’s certainly thrown the show’s own credibility down the drain as a result.

Are you stunned by both Adam and Michael leaving?

Photo: NBC

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