‘The Amazing Race 20’ review: Insanity in Italy

Could they overcome?

First and foremost, we have to start of this review of “The Amazing Race” by saying one thing — we absolutely hate it when teams are screwed over at the airport. While it’s a part of the game, it’s rather sad to see teams leave via this way versus actually failing to complete a challenge or messing up somewhere after landing.

Mark & Bopper – With the aforementioned comments in mind, we were incredibly fearful for our favorite Southern boys the moment that we found out that they made the critical error of going to the airport without hitting up the travel agency first.

Unfortunately, things really didn’t get better for the two after this. They got lost in Italy, and it really wasn’t much of a surprise at all to see them end up in last place. However, there was a major twist here — it’s a non-elimination leg! This means that the airport curse did not technically strike again, and we will be seeing these two for a while longer.

Art & AJ – Did your border patrol agents get served a dose of humble pie this week? Rather than taking the detour, the two decided to try on a Fast Forward that involving trying to land a toy helicopter on a pad the other teammate wore on his head. This was a funny concept, and it actually ended up being far more difficult than you would even imagine that it would be. As someone who has seen these little helicopters go out of control, we would’ve been there for hours screaming our lungs out.

Despite their struggles, the guys did still figure this out and ended up in first place, and then did something that redeemed these two in our eyes — they gave half of their prize winnings to Mark & Bopper, likely thinking they will be eliminated.

Brendon & Rachel – Note to team “Big Brother” — the “Amazing Race” is not always as “fun and good” as you want it to be.

In this week’s edition of massive meltdowns from the team, the two squared off over Brendon raising his voice at her in a car (made by Ford in an aggressive promotional push) after the repel-themed Roadblock. The funny part about this? Only can Rachel respond to doing something negative by doing a series of things that are even worse, and then acting like she didn’t do anything wrong at all.

After Brendon threatened to quit a few times, the two ended up picking the salami-eating option at the Detour … which later started another fight that led to whether or not they should quit the show. Even in spite of all this, the two still managed to avoid last place.

Dave & Rachel – Are they even remotely exciting? Not really, but they managed to continue their domination of this season in Italy. Despite being one of the later teams to arrive at the Roadblock, they ended up zooming past the majority of the other teams and finishing in second.

Even with this, though, Dave still summed up the leg as a “failure” thanks to some communication breakdowns. Due to this, we are now predicting that Dave is going to say that he’s “sort of happy” if this team ends up winning the grand prize.

Ultimately, there were not many other standouts in this leg thanks to some one-sided editing; we are mostly curious to see whether or not Art & AJ are going to get any good karma thanks to their generous move, and if Mark & Bopper will return the favor.

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: CBS

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