‘Once Upon a Time’ shocker: Are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Did the story of Red deliver?

After weeks and weeks of sitting around behind the scenes, “Once Upon a Time” finally decided to give Meghan Ory some substantial material. However, we’re really still trying to digest everything that happened with the story of Ruby and Red Riding Hood.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers from Sunday night’s episode.)

When this story first began this week, there was one thing we were really hoping for — that we weren’t just looking at a werewolf story, and that the Big Bad Wolf was going to be someone completely expected. Our first impression? That the man howling at the moon was going to be Red’s love interest Peter in the fairy-tale world. Isn’t it always how the story goes that the man you love ends up being the one who is the most dangerous to you?

Thankfully, Peter was not the villain — but instead, it was even more tragic in that Red was actually the Wolf without even knowing it. This stunning reveal certainly changes things, as we are dealing with a character who manages to be her own worst enemy. While her grandmother seemed as though she was hard on her, even though she was only trying to protect her in the end.

Over in Storybrooke, we saw at the same time character who, in many ways, was being equally suppressed by her own fears — but in an emotional rather than physical way. After being afraid to take on some extra responsibilities at the diner (where the boss is her grandmother’s Storybrooke companion), Ruby decided to quit and follow her “dreams” — which led to her joining Emma at the Sheriff’s department to answer the phones and serve as an assistant. We rather enjoyed seeing this insecure side to the character, especially since it was human — but also likable, unlike watching the doormat known as Mary Margaret, who decided to try and run back to David this week despite him lying to her about ending things with Kathryn (and the issue involving her disappearance).

Ruby ended up getting her due as she helped Emma out with the issue of David’s “dreamwalks” — which were causing him to pass out in one place only to wake up later someone different. In helping her out, though, Ruby realized that she was not really fond of finding boxes with human hearts with them in the middle of the forest, and she went back to her job at the diner. (Hats off to Ory for a fantastic performance in this episode — doesn’t this justify a little bit more screen time?)

As for the final big reveal this week, Emma did find some fingerprints inside of the heartbox (which we believe to cpmtaom Kathryn’s heart) — but rather than them belonging to David or Regina (who is of course really responsible for this), they were those of Mary Margaret. It looks like someone better hire a lawyer — and soon.

Overall, “Once” presented yet another strong episode in “Red-Handed” that was not only a strong introduction to a character we’ve been anxious to know more about, but it also moved the story along in a big way. While we’re still not major fans of the Mary Margaret / David story, we love where this is going.

What did you think about this episode?

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