TV moments of the week: A ‘Game Change’ and a familiar feeling

Did HBO deliver here?

This week, we really have something for everyone when it comes to the best moments from the TV world — whether they be comedy shows, reality drama, or even a made-for-TV movie on premium cable.

Since it’s the latter that has the attention of many, that is what we are going to start with.

Was “Game Change” worth the conversation? – For all the hoopla that surrounded the relase of this film about the 2008 Presidential election for HBO, the ultimate effect was actually not as sharp as some may have expected when it comes to John McCain and Sarah Palin. Instead of director Jay Roach casting most of the blame on these two for their roles in trying to win against Barack Obama, he focused more on some of the people who actually decided to put Palin on the ticket with little research as to who she was or what she would bring to the campaign.

While “Change” was not necessarily perfect (as many of the facts within the film have been called into question already), it’s hard to deny the quality of the work done here by Roach and stars Ed Harris and Julianne Moore, who we are almost sure has an Emmy waiting for her.

Surprised at all?

Did the women really “Tell All” this time? – We were actually waiting eagerly for “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All” this season, but Monday night’s special episode was more of a whimper really than an exclamation point.

While we saw some of the women go at Courtney for some of the nasty things she sad to them on the show, we were mostly shocked by how easy they were on Ben Flajnik himself for his role in the entire mess. This is the guy that dropped trou, jumped in the ocean with Courtney, and even hid it from the other women! We’re mostly stunned by Jamie, who even went as far as to still hit on Ben during the show despite him sending her home weeks beforehand.

A “New Girl” mini-movie – Even though Tuesday night’s new episode of “New Girl” was about something pretty serious in Nick’s cancer scare, it may have been one of the show’s funniest and strongest episodes to date.

Why? It’s all about the heart. From watching how Jake Johnson handled this crisis for his character to seeing the Nick / Jess chemistry that formed as a result, this felt like it was a classic romantic comedy summed up in half an hour … minus the part where they kiss at the end. Well done, “New Girl.” Well done.

We will always love this – If you’ve been reading this site all week, then you’re probably not stunned at all to see Jessica Sanchez’s performance of “I Will Always Love You” from “American Idol” on this list.

Jessica started off this performance with the entire weight of the world on her shoulders, as she took on the biggest song from one of the greatest legends of her time just months after tragic passing. However, she did more than just perform the song well — she completely tore the roof off the house.

Worst TV moment of the week: the “Real Housewives” of disappointment. We love “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and we especially love NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, and some of the other ladies on the show.

Unfortunately, this season of “Atlanta” has been one near-miss after the next. With NeNe and Kim Zolciak not speaking to each other, there’s really not much drama happening here. In some ways this season reminds us of the current season of “Jersey Shore,” mostly in that we want to like it more than we really do.

What is your favorite moment of this past week?

Photos: HBO, ABC

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