‘The Amazing Race 20’ preview: Mark & Bopper’s Italy song

Will they stay put?

We have made no secret of our love for Mark & Bopper on “The Amazing Race” this season, and on Sunday night’s new episode they are going to do something else that’s worth celebrating — performing random songs about Italy while at an airport in Argentina.

When it comes to their biggest challenge in this episode, however, it seems to be getting out of South America. In the new sneak peek from the episode (which you can see below), the two “country boys” (as the show refers to them) can’t seem to find their way around the airport. The good news? They probably have plenty of time here to catch a flight with the other teams. The bad news? If they don’t get better when it comes to traveling, they could be in trouble down the road.

As for some other challenges these teams will face, we have a look at three of them:

Art & AJ – The border patrol agents (and quite possibly the most obnoxiously arrogant team on the race) are going to struggle when it comes to landing a helicopter. Is this a Fast Forward? We don’t see any of the other teams doing it, so it’s possible.

Vanessa & Ralph – In what is going to be something that we have seen a million times before on this show, someone (in this case Vanessa) is going to have to conquer her fear of heights in order to complete a task.

Brendon & Rachel – In what should come as a surprise to pretty much no one, the two are going to suffer a meltdown at some point during the leg. We’re not sure why it happens, but it leads to Rachel saying that she wants to quit.

Who do you think is in the most trouble this week?

Photo: CBS

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