‘Pretty Little Liars’ preview: Dolls and insecurities (video)

Why is Spencer seeing Alison?

Dolls have played a rather interesting role already on “Pretty Little Liars” this season, but on Monday’s penultimate episode they may end up putting them in the creepiest light yet.

If you remember from last week’s new episode, the bag containing various mementos of Alison also contained a variety of newspaper clippings, and the Liars are going to discover through looking at them that one of the sites the dearly departed was using to try and confront “A” about their actions was the “creepy doll hospital” that has been seen on occasion so far in the series.

So what is going to be awaiting them? On the surface, not too much. The Liars are going to arrive at the doll hospital after their phone calls go unanswered, and the store owner appears to be as clueless as ever when some questions are asked about a very suspicions doll in the storefront. (Of course, the key words here are “appears to be.” Who knows what role she really has in all of this?)

The fact that the woman invites the girls inside is either going to be rather helpful, or turn into some sort of creepy Hansel & Gretel situation.

Now, let’s backtrack a little bit. If you are wondering how the Liars even managed to figure out the bag mystery, Spencer discovered the revelation in part via a visit from Alison’s “apparition” in the middle of the night. Yes, it’s far more fun if we think of this as some sort of supernatural occurrence. In reality, though, this entire conversation is the product of Spencer figuring out the answer thanks to her own subconscious stepping in and lending a helping hand.

In stepping away from the “A” mystery (as hard as that may be to do), there are also two other rather important moments in this episode. The first contains one our favorite couples in Aria and Ezra, and it reveals that Ian Harding’s character is not exactly as pleased as many think he should be over standing up to Byron and not taking the job in New Orleans.

In this scene, Ezra tells Aria that he still feels as though he is on borrowed time — and while he still is getting the opportunity to be with the girl he loves, Byron is going to come back with a vengeance as soon as he returns from a conference in Vermont.

Finally, Jenna is going to see the world in front of her for the first time in the present day of this series. There’s really not so much we can say about this scene with Toby, but we do certainly fear for those who choose to get on her bad side now.

Who do you think is “A” at the moment?

Photo: ABC Family

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