‘The Bachelor’ finale preview: Ben Flajnik’s moment of truth and turmoil

The end is almost here.

On Monday night, we will finally be at the end of a season of “The Bachelor” that has certainly been polarizing, to say the least. When it comes to drama alone, it’s hard to argue the point that this may the most controversial season since Jake Pavelka got down on one knee to Vienna Girardi, which set in motion some of the most painful chain of events longtime show fans have ever had to endure.

So will the same thing happen when it comes to Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson? It’s really unfair to say at this moment, since we don’t know how (if Courtney wins over Lindzi Cox) these two will actually handle themselves in the real world. While it’s easy for everyone to say “I hate Courtney” (and the show’s new promo at the bottom of this article seems to even be encouraging this), we do have to remember that Michelle Money was really a rather nice person despite coming across as Maleficent during some moments in Brad Womack’s season. Courtney may have said some pretty terrible things about the other women, but it doesn’t seem like a kind or even a smart move to judge someone totally based on what we see on our TV screens courtesy of an editing team hired to bring us moments to talk about. Remember: many people act totally different in the real world than when cameras are stuck in their faces.

With this in mind, let’s try to actually break down the final two ladies when it comes to their relationships with Ben leading up to the (likely) proposal in Switzerland.

The clear favorite.

Courtney – Hate her all you want, but she clearly has the advantage. Ben has shown time and time again that he will go the distance for her, whether it is defending her from naysayers (Emily) or even doing some extracurricular things with her in the ocean in Puerto Rico that no other lady had the opportunity to do (even if many of them may not have even offered to do it).

Ben and Courtney have a physical relationship that cannot be denied, and they also seem to have spent more time together than Ben has with Lindzi. Should there be some concerns here based on the trouble she has caused with the other women? Definitely, and she still has some explaining to do. At the end of the day, though, she may be able to justify these actions enough to show that she was just being snarky for the fun of it, and got too caught up in the moment of having fun in the confessional room.

The darkhorse?

Lindzi – Lindzi, on the other hand, seems like the woman that most of America is rooting for. She is kind, mature, and not interested in causing any sort of drama. She’s also been game for every adventure Ben and the producers have thrown at her whether it be forcing her to brave the cold or jump out of a helicopter into the ocean.

As for the major downside here, the producers have made Lindzi into an afterthought for much of this season after she received the first impression rose. We’re not sure if this is because she’s not exciting from an entertainment standpoint, or because she hasn’t really opened up much to Ben until recently. The biggest concern here ultimately is that Ben simply doesn’t seem to be as present for some of these dates as he has been for Courtney, and we’re not sure if his mind being being elsewhere at times has led to him not opening up to Lindzi as much as Lindzi has struggled opening up to him.

Since most of America is assuming at this point that Ben is picking Courtney due to the mountain of evidence that is out there, let’s frame our question this way — who do you think Ben should prove? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

Photo: ABC

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