‘Survivor: One World’ preview: A major twist and trouble for Colton

Will anyone stop him?

If there is one thing that the players on “Survivor: One World” should know by now, it is that Colton is already well on his way to becoming one of the biggest villains ever on the show. The guy so far has not only orchestrated the eliminations of Matt and Bill, but he also has an immunity idol in his pocket as well as icense to say all sorts of incredibly nasty things without getting in too much trouble.

But how is Colton going to react to a major change in the game? We’re going to be finding out pretty quickly. In the video below, it is confirmed that there is going to be a tribal swap (as suggested in the “next time on…” preview during the episode), forcing the guys and the girls to work on one tribe for the first time all season. Based on the people who are seemingly on Colton’s new tribe (in Leif, Jonas, Alicia, Tarzan, and Monica), this already looks like it will be the group to be in trouble sooner rather than later. There aren’t many physical threats, and they are also many troublemakers. Whose side will Colton choose? At first, the answer seems to be “both of them.”

Will the tribes actually wise up to the guy playing both sides? We hope so, since the smart move would be for the two alliances to join forces and blindside the biggest snake in the game with an idol in his pocket. However, we haven’t seen any evidence that these people have the guts to do that just yet. Instead, the biggest targets for elimination on this group are likely Tarzan and Alicia. Tarzan especially has made no friends whatsoever with the ladies based on what we have seen (which is mostly him shouting “cheaters!” at them during challenges), so he is probably going to get himself in a situation where his back is against the wall. Meanwhile, Alicia has already shown herself to be weaker in challenges, and is also frustrating to deal with around camp.

As for the other tribe, it’s still too early to see where exactly the chips will fall (especially since there is one member of the new Manono tribe with Colton that we can’t identify yet). In the short term, though, the biggest winners easily of this swap are Michael, Leif, and Christina, who were all going to likely be the next ones to go if there was no shake-up in the game.

Do you think that the castaways are finally going to realize their best move is to get rid of Colton, or do you think that the guys are just going to watch themselves wither away after making the idiotic decision to go to Tribal Council even after winning immunity?

Photo: CBS

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