‘American Idol’ notes: Adam Lambert’s ‘Cuckoo,’ Haley Reinhart’s ‘Running’

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We have some new music to introduce from a pair of “American Idol” alumni, and they are each in the process of promoting their upcoming studio albums. While this news is rather exceptional in itself, the fact that some of this music is rather fantastic really is just the icing on the cake.

Adam Lambert – We’re going to focus first on Adam Lambert, who during a recent radio tour performed a variety of songs from his upcoming album “Trespassing” coming out later this spring. In this article, we’re going to focus on one song in particular — the infections “Cuckoo,” which became a trending topic on Twitter not long after the video first hit the internet.

We don’t know if we have anything bad to say about this song at all, at least other than the fact that we wish the audio quality here is better. When it comes to the sound, it feels a bit like the love child of P!nk in the B-52s coupled with a stellar beat, some great vocal runs, and a solid breakdown during the bridge.

Is this Adam’s best hook for an uptempo track ever? We’re going to have to wait until we hear the studio version to know, but our first impression here is that it is right up there with “If I Had You” and “Fever.”

Haley Reinhart – Before we talk about Haley’s new “Hit the Ground Running” (which she performed at a concert in Dallas this week), let’s first and foremost send a giant thank you to Adele for making this sort of music possible again in the modern radio era. Haley has a sound that is different from the “Rolling in the Deep” superstar, but they both send their music back to an earlier age where the quality of the voice — and not producers, computers, or rap interludes — was the most important part of making a song.

As with Adam’s “Cuckoo,” this is really a rather catchy number with some solid melody lines and top-notch vocals. Do we see this song as being the same sort of top 40 hit? Probably not, but it may have a better chance of dominating the adult contemporary market thanks to some of the mature lyrics and elements of soul present here.

The craziest thing about these two songs? While both of them are great, neither one of them are radio singles (at least at the moment). This bodes well for those of us who like to enjoy “Idol” while at the same time enjoying some great music from past contestants to keep us enthused..

What do you think about these two songs?

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