‘Jersey Shore’: The Situation, Snooki, and the most serious food fight ever


We’ve seen food fights aplenty over the years … but few of them ever came across as serious as what we witnessed during Thursday night’s new episode of “Jersey Shore.”

The episode started with the moment that has really been coming for nearly two seasons now — Mike “The Situation” telling Jionni about what supposedly happened between him and Snooki a month before the group left to Italy. While this episode did not necessarily shed any light on who is telling the truth (even if many of the cast members seem to buy Mike’s story), what we really saw come out of this was one of the most uncomfortable food fights we’ve ever seen in TV history.

Typically, the classic food fight involves screaming kids and some dried spaghetti at the cafeteria. However, that wasn’t the case here! Instead, we saw everything but the kitchen sink thrown at both Mike and Snooki as they took this thing to a whole new level. While it started as much of the cast having a good time, it ended up being a serious way for these two to unleash some aggression on each other.

Finally (after some cottage cheese, mustard, and milk was tossed all over the house), Snooki finally settled things by rubbing her nasty clothes all over Mike’s bed and screaming in his face. In a way, it was a strange and anticlimactic ending to a story that was built up to “who shot JR?” levels over the past year or so. Where’s the fallout? Now that this fight has been had, there really wasn’t any other story for the show to cover.

Instead, the rest of the episode was spent with two groups taking part in some assorted silliness. While Pauly D and Vinny attempted to stage the biggest prank ever on some of the cast by switching the furniture out from inside the house to outside, everyone else took on camping — which largely consisted of Snooki turning up her nose at Deena’s complaints that it is hard being single and Mike running around as if he was hunting for a ninja in the woods.

We are almost at the end of this season, and we are wondering just what else more we can get out of this cast. With Snooki pregnant in real life, will the “Shore” ever be the same? Regardless of what happens, it’s been a fun, boozy, and occasionally terrifying ride — and after this week, now we also know to never to let overly-tan reality stars near a tub of cottage cheese again.

Photo: MTV

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