Britney Spears close to deal as ‘X Factor’ judge; time to celebrate?

The rumor is picking up steam…

Could Britney Spears join “The X Factor” for season 2? The moment the rumor first surfaced, we quite frankly laughed at the idea of Simon Cowell booking one of the biggest pop stars of all time for a show that under-performed his lofty expectations and was deemed by many to be a creative disappointment. (If the studio audience is booing a judge off the stage following a results show, it’s never a good sign.)

However, if the following deal goes down Simon Cowell may have found a way to propel the competition back to level of hype it was back when the music mogul was running around saying that 20 million viewers were going to check it out. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Britney is close to signing a deal as a judge, and the announcement could come next week if it works out. Her fiance (and former agent) Jason Trawick is currently negotiating the contract, which could very well make Britney almost instantaneously the most-popular judge on any reality show.

While it may sound hard to believe that Britney would be doing any reality show considering her resume, there are more benefits for signing on than we can count:

Promotion – When Britney does have a new album coming out, she can use this show as a platform. Who wouldn’t want tens of millions of viewers watching you sing?

Money – There’s no questioning that this show would help Britney add to her rather enormous fortune.

Stability – We don’t necessarily mean job stability here — rather, we’re talking about being able to keep her children in one place for a long span of time. What better way is there to stay in one place while at the same time raising your profile?

Reputation – Britney has spent so much of her career sheltered away from the public, so what better way is there for her to go in and prove to all the haters that she is so much more than what the tabloids suggest? Even more so than a album, getting in front of the cameras every week would be the ultimate middle finger to the critics who tried to place her in a box.

Connections – When it comes to record labels, Spears’ deal is under the same Sony Music umbrella that “The X Factor” contestants will use. For the label, you’re getting to promote multiple talents at the same time! It’s a win-win.

Trying something new – After doing the same thing ever since she was a teenager, Britney may just want a change of pace.

Even if Britney’s deal goes through (and we hope it does), there will still be a few spots to fill for the show — including the co-hosting job and another judge. However, at this point we’re so excited for the possibility of Spears that we are not even concerning ourselves with any other additions for the time being.

What’s your reaction to this news?

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