‘American Idol’ top 13 results: Did Elise Testone survive after criticism?

One of them met their end.

In the first realAmerican Idol” results show of the season (we’re not counting what we saw last week), we were quickly reminded of just everything we missed out for the past year or so — the Ford Music Video (this time featuring giant people a L.A. highway with almost no cars on it — is this after the Apocalypse?), the opening group number that never really works but they keep doing doing it, and Ryan Seacrest saying “here … we go” at least two hundred times.

Before we get to the actual results, let’s instead review the two performances that “Idol” presented for us via the musical guests.

Lauren Alaina – Did anyone else think that Lauren’s band was a little bit too loud for her voice? We know that she can belt it out more than this performance showed. Nonetheless, we think that Lauren clearly showed off her talent in a positive way with this performance, in addition to just how far she has come since being the favorite of the judges (not to mention the editors) through much of season 10.

Mary J. Blige – Can we just have Mary perform every week? Is that possible? As a matter of fact, can we just replace Steven Tyler’s “critiques” with Mary singing? We really don’t know how else to sum up how she did with her new single “Why.”

Now, we go to the actual results, along with whether or not America actually got them right.

The bottom six

Jermaine Jones – We didn’t really think that the “Gentle Giant” was as bad as Jimmy Iovine made him out to be, but he was quite frankly boring. This early in the show, this is more or less a sign of the red light of doom.

Elise Testone – We love Elise, but we knew that the negative critique from the judges (coupled with her going in the show) would spell trouble for her.

Erika Van Pelt – Say what? We all know that Erika doesn’t deserve to be here after singing her heart out last night. The problem is that there were only three girls who were safe from the seats — and they went to Hollie, Skylar, and Jessica, who were also pretty great.

Shannon Magrane – After her woeful note on “I Have Nothing,” we knew that this was coming. No surprise at all.

Jeremy Rosado – Unfortunately for Jeremy, the road likely ends here for him. He’s a good singer and a nice guy, but these traits do not an “Idol” make.

Joshua Ledet – What? Seriously? Did you just put the best performer of Wednesday night into the bottom three? He did so much with this Stevie Wonder song, more than any other performer did on the night except for maybe Jessica Sanchez.

From here, our intrepid (and over-caffeinated) host narrowed down the field so that everyone other than Jeremy and Elise were sent back to the seats. At this point, there really wasn’t much suspense at all. Jeremy just simply couldn’t find himself much of a fan base, and so he took off into the sunset to the deep-voiced drawl of Scotty McCreery, who has been anointed the new “Idol” Grim Reaper.

What did you think about this results show, and did America make the right choice? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

Photo: Fox

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