‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Bill Posley talks Colton, Tarzan, and more

Bill was sent packing.

Bill Posley was forced on Wednesday night’s edition of “Survivor: One World” into dealing with something that no one should really have to deal with in this day and age — being disliked for being different, even to the point of being targeted for it. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing how Colton Cumbie tries to defend some of his statements and actions later this season, especially since the way in which he treated our resident stand-up comic made him come across like one of the nastiest and short-sighted people ever to play this game.

Despite having to face this sort of behavior, though, we were pleased to find that Bill was just as positive and well-spoken in our interview Thursday on the subject as he was on the show.

Cartermatt.com – When you gave your final words after the episode, it was one of the classiest exits I’ve ever seen once you consider everything that you went through. After some of the things that Colton said, how hard was it for you to keep your composure?

Bill Posley – It wasn’t too hard, and the reason why is because my whole life [I’ve been a target] … I was the fat kid in class, I was 250 pounds until I was 17 years old [until] I went into the Army [and] lost the weight. I’ve been picked on all my life.

I’ve dealt with racism before being an African-American person; my mom being half-white, my dad being half-black, getting picked on by drill┬ásergeants …┬áTo sit there in the face of that and keep my cool wasn’t that hard for me. I know that it comes from a place of ignorance [after] being spoiled and sheltered — not from a place of hatred and racism, I don’t think.

So why did you decide to let the female tribe off and go to Tribal Council with the guys? Were you thinking that the group was going to get rid of Leif instead?

No. I was working very hard to gain alliances and gain friends, and I thought that being there, I could convince the people I was aligned with to blindside Colton and get him sent home with the idol. It just didn’t pan out. I thought I had guys like Jonas and [Troyzan] and Jay and Big Mike in my corner on this and they would back me when the chips were down — they didn’t.

Finally, let’s talk about Tarzan — is the guy really as loud and ‘out there’ as he was shown to be on TV?

Tarzan is what you call a smart dumb person. (Laughs.) He is literally like one of the most intelligent people you will ever meet in the case of when you’re a plastic surgeon, you have to be [smart] in that sense. However, I don’t think the guy could probably find his way out of a paper bag if he had to — the street smarts just aren’t there.

Even whenever he said something, it comes [out of the blue] — even last night at Tribal Council, he starts going on and on about this post-racist America, and I don’t even think the conversation was going anywhere near [that subject], which is why I didn’t respond because I didn’t know where it came from. It came out of left field.

He’s kind of aloof, he doesn’t really know what’s going on, and is maybe too smart for himself.

Are you going to miss Bill, and is a part of you hoping that he gets to come back on a future season to get another opportunity to play?

Photo: CBS

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