‘The Bachelor’: Strange casting rumors include Tim Tebow, Frankie Cocozza

What is the rumor mill saying?

We’ve never quite understood the tabloid obsession with naming random celebrities “The Bachelor,” mostly because the show (at least here in America) has not cast outside of their own pool of contestants for lead roles in several years. Yes, it’s possible that this may be in part due to famous people staying away from the franchise with a ten-foot pole, but everyone from Kate Gosselin to various professional athletes has been targeted without anything coming out of it.

This week, the two biggest rumors floating around out there may be among the craziest we’ve seen yet.

Tim Tebow – This is a rumor that has in particular spiraled out of control, mostly because it’s near-impossible to see a season of this show starring a super-religious guy working … mostly because someone like this would not really be interested in dating 25 women at the same time to begin with.

The talk about Tebow started up courtesy of show host Chris Harrison, who claimed on “Access Hollywood Live” that he had talked with the Denver Broncos quarterback about the gig at one point in the past. What Harrison didn’t mention (mostly because he was cut off, and he had to explain it later to TMZ Live) was that he was referencing a brief conversation at the ESPYs a couple of years ago, and the question was largely due to some women in the background shouting for Tim to get the offer. (Harrison calls in at about the 11:00 mark.)

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If this isn’t enough of an official denial that Tebow is not doing the show, here’s a message posted on his official Twitter to serve as proof:

“Haha rumors can be crazy! Even though I’ve watched the show before, I’m definitely not gonna be on the Bachelor”


Frankie Cocozza – As strange as the first rumor is, this one may actually end up topping it when it comes to the “crazy” factor over in the United Kingdom. Best known as the guy who was kicked off “The X Factor” for suspected drug use, Frankie (who has also slept with almost 100 women) is supposedly being courted for the gig on the British version of the show … at least according to a report from the Daily Star.

While Frankie seems to have learned from some of his mistakes, and also has “Celebrity Big Brother” under his belt. However, “The Bachelor” still does not seem like the right venue for this guy — mostly because the show tends to go for more mature men and also more mature women. Frankie’s presence may end up skewing the show a little too young … and we also have to remember that you also want to appeal to a bit of an older audience here.

What’s the strangest “Bachelor” rumor you have ever heard?

Photo: ABC, ITV

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