‘Saturday Night Live’ preview: Jonah Hill looks to bring the laughs

Excited for Jonah’s show?

Lindsay Lohan was a bit of a wild card going into her appearance on “Saturday Night Live” — and with that in mind, producers apparently wanted to make sure they followed it up with more of a sure thing.

If you are in to Jonah Hill’s zany brand of humor, then this weekend’s show is probably not going to disappoint. Are there as many headlines this time? No, and it’s possible that this may be helping the show to not have to try and deal with expectations or fears that the viewing public will end up hating it simply for the sake of hating it. (As poor as Lohan’s “SNL” appearance was, many viewers had their minds made up before even tuning in.)

The first promo for Jonah’s show has just been released, and you can watch it below — unfortunately, it really is just the same as any other show promo out there. The host and a cast member (in this case Hill and Bill Hader) exchange a few barbs, and there is occasionally some reference to what the host is trying to promote in being there (in this case “21 Jump Street”). Really, this paint-by-numbers promo should be yet another reminder to us of a valuable lesson (one that you would think we would have realized by now) — we can never just the quality of an overall show by the quality of its promo. (After all, who wants to reveal their tricks a few days early?)

The other good news about the show? The Shins will be the musical guest. In other ways, the potential is here for supreme entertainment all around. Extra points in advance to Jonah if he finds a way to settle his long-standing “feud” with “Glee’s” Matthew Morrison at some point in the show — and we won’t even care that this was originally supposed to happen on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”)

Photo: NBC

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