‘Figure It Out’ returning to Nickelodeon; what should join it?

Just this image makes us smile.

If you grew up largely in the ’90s and loved Nickelodeon, then the odds are pretty likely that “Figure It Out” is some ingrained in your imagination. The show was like “To Tell the Truth” except more awesome — mostly because it contained slime, ridiculous reasons for getting slime poured on you, and people who occasionally decided to actually eat the slime. (Yes, it’s true — we love slime.)

The children’s network has announced that they are going to start filming 40 new episodes of the classic game show next month as a part of a massive revival of the series. There’s no word on if Summer Sanders will be coming back to the show (we hope so!), but we figure the network will follow the same tradition of bringing stars of their current programs on board to try and figure out what sort of secret the contestant is hiding. Sometimes it’s rather impressive like an athletic feat — meanwhile, other times it’s really something disgusting and mundane. You never know with this show!

Of course, the moment we heard about this news we starting to think about other classic Nickelodeon game shows in desperate need of a revival, and it led us to a top three.

3. “GUTS” – While this was not Mike O’Malley’s first hosting gig on Nick (he also took on “Get the Picture”), this show pretty much helped launch the actor’s career prior to “Yes, Dear” and “Glee.”

2. “Double Dare” or any of its other incarnations – This particular game show has already been revived on multiple occasions, but it’s been a while now and it could use some more burn. How can you not love a show that combines trivia, prizes, and walking inside a giant wax ear?

1. “Legends of the Hidden Temple” – Maybe it’s Olmec the talking stone head, or maybe it’s the creative team names such as the Purple Parrots or the Silver Snakes. We can’t figure out what it is that makes this show such a memorable part of our childhood, but it is one of the few game shows we watched growing up that actually made us learn something in the process.

Are you thrilled to see this show coming back?

Photo: Nickelodeon

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