Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt wedding rumors false


As we speculated, the rumors that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were going to be walking down the aisle in the next few months turned out to be false yet again.

Every few months this rumor pops up and it never ends up being true.  This time the wedding story began because Brad and Angelina’s children had started asking a few questions about the couple’s marital status causing media to think that they were going to rush out and get hitched.

The couple was allegedly going to get married in the South of France, but the mayor of Correns, Michaël Latz, said that the rumors aren’t true;

“There are no plans for them to marry that I know of – and I would know. Every year, the rumor resurfaces. More noise from the American press to sell a few more pounds of paper.”

French law dictates that a religious ceremony can only happen after a civil wedding, and Latz would be the one to officiate the ceremony.

Brad and Angelina have said that they will not marry until the laws surrounding gay marriage change and everyone is allowed to be married.

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