‘The Bachelor’: One unaired surprise from Ben Flajnik’s ‘Women Tell All’

Surprised at all?

We learned quite a bit about the ladies of Ben Flajnik’s season of “The Bachelor” via “The Women Tell All” Monday night, but it seems as though one of the more intriguing moments was left on the cutting room floor. (Then again, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since the event was filmed for at least three times longer than we saw on TV.)

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jamie Otis was not done following her declaration on the show that she would gladly date Ben if things don’t work out between him and whoever he picked (which is a bit strange to begin with). She actually went on to talk about all of the things that she was too nervous to tell him about during the actual filming for this season — including how growing up in abuse led to her getting custody of her siblings and having to learn to take care of others at an early age. This was a story that was introduced to America early on in the show, but Jamie could not muster the courage to tell Ben about it.

As for why this moment (and Ben’s apparently awkward response) were not shown on TV, there’s really one simple moment — Jamie is a non-factor in the story beyond her one moment of being incredibly forward with the guy prior to her elimination, and there were other moments more critical to show.

Really, we do feel rather bad for Jamie — she seems like a fairly nice person, and she just became too overwhelmed during the experience and she acted out of desperation rather than being the person she is on a daily basis. She is hardly the first woman on this show to run into this problem, and it just goes to show that there are some people who can handle this incredibly-strange reality TV environment better than others.

What do you think about Jamie sharing all this at the “Women Tell All” taping?

Photo: ABC

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