‘Dancing with the Stars’: Gavin DeGraw, Melissa Gilbert stand out in photos

What is Karina wearing?

The hype leading up to “Dancing with the Stars” has at this point become almost become a bit ritualistic. First, you have the cast announcement along with the revealing of the professional dancers … and then, you wait for the over-the-top official photos decorated with sequins and awkwardly-intimate poses with people you’ve known for only a week.

Just like every season, some of these photos (which were just released this week) are more over-the-top than the others, and we have some of our picks here.

Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff – First things first, Gavin looks about the same here as he has for the past five years. Is the guy ever going to take off his hat? The only thing more interesting than Gavin’s continued reliance on headgear is Karina Smirnoff’s dress (if you can call it that) being held together by a series of shiny bandages.

We’re admittedly concerned about Gavin’s chances on this show. At the moment, he still seems like he is trying to be “too cool for school” with his fashion, and we also don’t know how he is going to fit in rehearsal time while touring and traveling. (Other people in the past have struggled to do it all.)

Showing some leg.

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy – First things first, congrats to Maks for wearing so much clothing that he actually lets his partner shine in this photo. Is this the same girl who was really on “Little House on the Prairie” so many years ago? You wouldn’t know it based on this photo.

Glibert shows so much leg here that she even makes Angelina Jolie jealous, and we also love how confident she looks. Of course, this photo would look even better if Maks didn’t look he was making the facial expression of an “Austin Powers” villain.

As for Melissa’s actual chances, we see her at the moment as a middle-of-the-pack finisher. She doesn’t have the natural athletic ability of some of the other competitors this season, but she does have a partner with a large fan base and who typically fares pretty well (even if he has never won).

Like the look?

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower – “Dancing” is making yet another effort to force Disney talent down our throat, and we’re hoping that this guy is at least the second coming of Kyle Massey. At least his outfit is fun in a “geeky guy attending a rave” sort of way. (Yes, this is a good thing.)

While we thought that Roshon should have selected some darker pants, that’s the only real stylistic flaw — though we find it funny how this photo looks like it came straight from a frat party after having about one or two drinks. If it wasn’t for Maks, Chelsie Hightower would be winning the “best facial expression by a pro” award.

Roshon actually could go further in this competition than you would think. He’s likely to bring a ton of energy, and since there are a few other unfamiliar faces here he may not fall victim to the “who are you?” voters until a few weeks in.

The most risque outfit goes to…

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd – First things first, we’re pretty sure that we have the same exact shirt that Donald is wearing. (In which case, we love his fashion taste!)

Really, we only have one major thing to talk about here in terms of fashion — Peta wearing what is effectively her underwear coupled with some mosquito netting. She’s the least-recognizable pro of the group this season; is this yet another way to appeal to the male voters?

Granted, we don’t think these two will need any help. Football stars tend to do well on “Dancing” — as a matter of fact, two out of three wide receivers on this show (in Jerry Rice and Hines Ward) have made it to the finals.

Which outfit do you like the best?

Photo: ABC

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