‘New Girl’ at PaleyFest: Nick / Jess fanfiction, Schmidt’s secret discussed

There was some scoop, and many laughs.

In continuing our coverage of PaleyFest 2012, we turn to a show that Monday night drew plenty of laughs even if it did not necessarily provide much in the way of scoop — “New Girl.” Granted, do we really need to spoil much of a show that really only has a few long-term storylines?

We’ll start things off by detailing the few plot points that came up for Zooey Deschanel’s Jess and the rest of the gang:

-Schmidt and Cece are not going to be able to keep their recent hook-ups a secret for very long. Max Greenfield admits that this is going to lead to everyone else in the apartment having a variety of reactions: “It does eventually come out to all the other roommates, which is dramatic to say the least. [It’s] a gambit of emotions, really. It’s a little shock, sadness, anger, disbelief, laughter. They go through everything.”

-On the subject of Dermot Mulroney coming on to play a love interest for Jess, Deschanel joked that it left a lasting impression on her co-stars immediately: “When Dermot was coming on, these guys had the most hilarious conversation where they were all worried he was going to come on and make them all look like clowns.”

-Winston is going to get yet another new job, this time at a sports radio station.

-Nick is going to end up having to apologize to Winston in Tuesday night’s episode after freaking out on him. Why will this happen? He apparently is going to have a cancer scare, and he doesn’t have any health insurance.

Now, for the completely random. There was a real-life version of the show’s famous “jar,” Jake Johnson grossed himself out on the subject of Nick / Jess fanfiction, and there was also talk of dancing. Deschanel signed some autographs for fans, and Greenfield made fun of all of his moles.

The main thing we learned from all this? The “New Girl” cast really does have a great time with each other, and this panel was nearly as funny as an episode is. You can check out some clips from Tuesday’s episode below — just get ready to laugh.

Photo: Fox

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