‘Pretty Little Liars’ recap: Fire and eyes

No one is safe.

Somehow, we have a feeling that the image of Jenna being thrown against the window of Jason’s burning house is going to be causing many a nightmare on Monday night. If there was an episode of “Pretty Little Liars” that combined horror and mystery, Monday night’s “Eye of the Beholder” was it.

The horror certainly occurred in Jenna’s near-death situation, and the tragic thing for her was that things were starting to go in a positive direction for her (which was something that the Liars themselves weren’t too pleased with). Thanks to Spencer pushing him away, Jenna had Toby back under her thumb, and she was even undergoing an operation to fix her eyesight. Now, just about all of that may be on hold in favor of her actually getting better.

As for the mystery element, there was plenty to talk about — from the newspaper clippings left by Alison to the arrival of Duncan, a man who knew the dearly departed and was even flying her around the country on his plane. The kicker here? Alison actually arrived in Rosewood on Labor Day Weekend earlier than everyone though, and no one knows just what she was doing upon her arrival. Meanwhile, we also have to pose this key question — why is “A” suddenly going after people that the Liars are not exactly friends with? First, it was Jenna, and the tease at the end of the episode suggests someone in the police (possibly Officer Garrett) is going to be a suspect in the fire. Someone obviously knows that they are running out of time, and may just be trying to throw the Liars off their scent.

There really was quite a bit going on in this episode, but perhaps the most satisfying thing was not even in relation to “A” or the fire — it was instead seeing Ezra actually stand up to Aria’s father Byron and refusing to take the job in New Orleans. In staying, our favorite teacher proves that he is not a pawn to be toyed with … but at the same time, he is still in grave danger thanks to some of the threats handed down in the past. On a slightly less dramatic (but still important) note, Emily ended up telling Maya’s parents that she heard from her — a betrayal when it comes to their relationship, but something that she felt was necessarily to squelch some worries. (Even though we’re still not the biggest fans of Maya’s character, we do want to see where this leads.)

While in some shows things may calm down by the closing act, we were left Monday night with all sorts of questions — from the badge to Jason finally connecting with Spencer’s mother to what exactly Maya is trying to pull. What do you think will happen next?

Photo: ABC Family

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